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    Taming The Shrewd, Another Hollywood Love Story (Zach & Elaine)

    Elaine was done with looking for love, which meant she was ready to own the world and make it her bitch, starting with her first meeting of the day with a guy, who had become an inconvenient problem she hadn’t seen coming. When Zach Lord walked into Elaine Hester’s office that morning he had one goal in mind, that was until their eyes met and he felt something inside he never felt before. Suddenly he threw all his plans out the window. Ebook Reg. Price: $3.99  ♥  Print List Price: $14.99  

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    First or Third POV for Taming The Shrewd? I’m Answering That Question.

    I’ve been writing Taming The Shrewd for the last two weeks, I kid you not, and I’m only a measly 4k words in. Truthfully, I should at least be close to 40k words by now. I feel something’s off about my writing these days. First of all, I’m not burned out at all. I want to hurry and finish the books in the Hester series so that I can get to my next big project in the LOVE in the USA series. Ooh, I can’t wait to share it with you. But I also want to hurry up and saturate myself completely into the Hester world. It’s like a chore…

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    Why Wait?

    Right? Like, why wait for May 29th when there’s nothing keeping me from releasing Now Lovers before then. And so get ready because Now Lovers will be released on Monday, May 21st! That’s next week! Yay! I just wanted to let you know that. I’m busy, busy, busy doing multiple tasks at once, preparing for the new release. However, I’m so excited to get started on Taming The Shrewd. So stay tuned. I’ll send another reminder on release day. All best, Z

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    “Now Lovers” in Editing and the future of LOVE in the USA reboot

    Greetings! Now Lovers has been the editing process since Thursday. Yay!!! Yep, I actually made my editing deadline. But truthfully, I’m so into this series now. I’m into Sonja, Robin, and Elaine. As I continue crafting their world and circumstances, I’ll be into Theresa (Robin’s sister) and of course Gran too. Remember Dexter Frampton from LOVE in the USA (The Lords)? We meet his daughters in this story. Also, in the last pages of the book, our favorite Lords are back. And there’ll be quite a lot of crossover between the Hesters and the Lords. I have no idea how I did it, I sure didn’t plan it, but my…

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    What Is Porn?

    So I’ve been writing romance for a while now–gosh going on seven years–and one thing I’ve heard continuously is readers calling sex in my books and others porn. Now, I don’t know about others, because a LOT of those books are porn but no for the reasons believed, but I do know about my stories. So what’s porn? I truly never knew the answer to this question until I forced myself to sit through a couple of videos/DVD’s. Also, I got to know a few porn addicts as well. So here’s the short of what I learned–porn is about POWER. Period. Not about intimacy or pleasure but POWER. In a man’s…