I Have New Pre-Orders!

So it’s official! My new The Sterlings series is coming along swimmingly 🙂

I’m writing three connected stories filled with mystery, suspense and romance. Stay tuned for a chapter one sample of Secrets & Chance (The Sterlings, Book 1). I’ve chosen to do a few things differently in this series, the first is to write in a different POV. I’m writing in the 3rd person limited, past tense. However, my goal is to evoke the same strong connection with characters and the you can’t put it down reading experience. Also, the covers displayed are only temporary placeholders. I’m working with an artist on getting permanent covers. So the books are: Secret’s & Chance (The Sterlings, Book 1), Revelations (The Sterlings, Book 2) and Forever and Ever (The Sterlings, Book 3). You’ll see descriptions and release dates on the Pre-Order page.

Also, the pre-orders are exclusively on iBooks.

Okay, so, it’s time I get to work on this wonderful Saturday afternoon. You can visit my pre-order page to learn more. Oh, also, T.R and I are working on new books for The Sexy Series. However, were changing things up a little. Click on the link below for more details! 😉


Z.L. Arkadie is an indie author of romance fiction. So far she has published three book series: Parched (Paranormal Romance), LOVE in the USA (Contemporary Romance) and The Sexy Series (Contemporary Romance co-written with T.R. Bertrand). Z.L. doesn't write your average romance. Her books are edgy--characters break all the "rules" and happy endings don't come easy.