New Release – Forever and Ever (The Sterlings, Book 3)

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New Release – Forever and Ever (The Sterlings, Book 3)



 It’s here!

The conclusion of Rosalie and Chance’s suspenseful adventure. Forever and Ever answers some pertinent questions. What happened? Who did it? And is she alive?

And so without further ado–Get Your Copy Now!

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Also, for those who had pre-ordered Forever and Ever, I updated the Afterword, which appears at the end of the story. Read the updated Afterword below.


Thank you so much for reading my new romantic suspense series. I have one more BIG book planned, The Secret Keeper, detailing Edna Sterling’s story from beginning to end.  She is a character who is very close to my heart.  She’s the defining figure of bravery and love for herself, others and life.

So stay tuned for the final book of the Sterlings. This family’s secrets will be forced to the surface. Secrets so deep, so dark, so ugly that it will take a miracle for a more pristine version of the family name to arise from the devastation.

Much Love,

Lynn Hastings

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