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Writing What I Love!



Did you know that I was funny?


Heck, I had forgotten that I LOVED writing from a comedic standpoint. It’s been so long since I sat down to write for the day and immediately my heart went pitter-patter from the thought of getting into the story.

About a week and a half ago I sat down to write the fourth and final book of the Sterling series and let me tell you, it was a struggle. Mainly because I was following another trend that I actually didn’t get right. None of the trends that I had followed had been accurately followed.

Does that make sense? 

Anyway, so in order for me to get up each day and write and find the LOVE again, I had to go back to my beginning.

IT’S COMPLEX… My heart whispered to me.

So I went searching and found the old project.

See… It’s Complex was a TV series I had developed and tried to pitch years ago. I wrote it in 2002 (That’s like 15 years ago!). Has it really been that long???

Anyway… I have resurrected the series from the ashes. It’s been so long since I’ve approached my writing with so much enthusiasm–so much love. My heart is dancing RIGHT NOW!

The tagline is simple: Are the Hester girls cursed or just unlucky in love?

I’m itching to share some of the work with you but…

Awe shucks…

Here are some of the first paragraphs!





(Is A Curse A Curse?)


I sigh hard and try not to remember yesterday or what happened last night. Forgetting has been easy to do until—I check my watch—forty-eight minutes ago. That’s how long I’ve been stuck in this tight, hot room with my cousins Robin and Theresa—they’re sisters.

We, the only three bridesmaids my sister Elaine could get to participate this time around, had arrived four hours before the ceremony for Laney’s fifth wedding day was to start. All morning we had jumped through her hoops. Theresa had to make sure Laney’s hair was pinned in all the right places and they bickered through it for the entire two hours it took to get done. Robin spent an hour steaming every microscopic wrinkle out the Laney’s thirty thousand dollar wedding dress. Whenever Robbie thought she was finished, Laney would inspect the gown and then find another minuscule wrinkle that needed to be steamed out. I, of course, was her lackey. I was the one who ripped and ran hither and thither, making sure the jeweler had with all the overpriced diamonds Laney felt she needed to sport as she sashayed down the aisle. Her accessories included a tiara, which had to be fit for a queen. I also had to make sure Gregory, our stepfather number three’s suit was pressed, lint free and perfectly fitted. Then there was the weird script I had to repeat to the groom’s guests. I had already made myself forget most of it but it went something like this.

“Welcome. Gary and his lucky bride, and my sister Elaine”—Not Laney; the threatened violence if I were to refer to hear as that—“Are happy you were able to attend. Our families and friends will forever be linked and we look forward to getting to know you on a more intimate scale.”

“Intimate scale?” I asked Laney when I first read the spiel.

“Yes,” she snapped in the way she does when she doesn’t want me to challenge her.

However I did challenge her. She had a bit in the pitch where I was to introduce myself as her sister right before I tell complete strangers that we will forever be linked. There was no way I wanted people to think I wanted to be know them on an “intimate scale.” I still don’t know what that means and I’m a writer!

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