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“Once Friends” Cover Decision



Once again, thanks to those who weighed in.

It has been A LONG journey to find the cover/series design concept that makes my heart and mind happy.

So I chose the cover below for three good reasons:

1. I love the emotional impact.

2. The cover designer doesn’t only understand the balance between artistry and market expectations but she’s easy to work with. And, she happens to be an author as well.

3. I’m the one who made cover A if you can remember it, but only after buying the cover I have chosen. So basically, it was all her idea.  You see, the long road of dealing with cover artists has also forced me to become proficient in Photoshop. What’s tricky about this business is that cover artists have so many customers stacked back to back that all they want is to finish up with our projects as fast as possible and many times it shows in their work. But the artist who did C, she is just so not easy to work with and that’s all I’ll say about her.

However, I’ve also learned to shop high and low for great pre-made covers and then have the artist continue the theme of the first cover I purchased for the rest of the series. That’s going to be my new technique. I think it’s going to be quite effective and less of a headache. Fingers-crossed.

And so the cover I’ve chosen will be used to start the next phase of the LOVE in the USA series.

Oh, and stay tuned because the first chapter excerpt of Once Friends will be ready for Saturday morning reading.

Okay, have a great day Lovelies.

Here’s the cover!


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  1. Debera Smith says:

    Yeah, I love this one!!

  2. Elaine Unsworth says:

    My favourite! X

  3. Tina says:

    Nice, Z! I am so loving your journey to be the best author you can be. Very inspirational!

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