A New Announcement Regarding “Taming The Shrewd”

The book is finished!

Actually it’s more than just completed, it’s cleared editing and now it’s off to the first round of proofing!

So get ready because the August 28th release day will be here before you know it!

I’m really excited about Taming of the Shrewd, Another Hollywood Love Story (Elaine & Zach) and I can’t wait for you to read it! I’m in the planning stages of writing Waiting On You, A Brooklyn Love Story (Robin & Dexter). But I do have a solid description and I’ll be starting at page one on tomorrow. Yay! I’m excited about that.

And so here’s the description for Waiting On You!

When Dexter promised to take his daughters to the art exhibition, he had no idea they would run into Robin Hester, the one woman he hadn’t been able to banish from his thoughts. But when he saw her date for the night, Dexter realized why he never had a chance in hell with her. His name was Mars MacAvoy, and he was a famous actor as well as master mindbanger when it came to women. And Dexter was surprised to see a woman as beautiful and intelligent as Robin would let herself fall into Mars’ trap. It wasn’t a matter of if Mars would break her heart but when. Seeing them together infuriated Dexter. He was tired of getting his heart stomped on by beautiful women like Robin. That was it. He would never think about her again. But six months later, he walked into the green room at WBLAT and to his surprise, her curious eyes met his.

To Robin Hester, Mars MacAvoy was the most addictive drug she’d ever taken. He was intoxicating and being in love with him was probably like micro-dosing poison into her heart. She couldn’t break the power he had over her, but that was until the worst had happened. The heartache was more than she could bear. Robin was done being an artist, which put her in social circles with rich, famous and entitled assholes. It was the morning she planned to announce her decision to the world. It was the only reason Robin accepted the invitation to appear on New Day New York, a morning TV talk show. When the production assistant put her in the green room, she was shocked to see a familiar pair of eyes watching her. His name was Dexter Frampton. Fifteen minutes later they were live on-air together, and before she could officially announce her retirement, the cocky bastard questioned her talent. And now, before saying goodbye to being an artist, Robin meant to put every ounce of her energy into proving him wrong. Game on Dexter Frampton. Game on.


Oh it’s going to be a good one. I can’t wait to get to work on the story. So, there’s my quick announcement.

Until the next time!


Z.L. Arkadie is an indie author of romance fiction. So far she has published three book series: Parched (Paranormal Romance), LOVE in the USA (Contemporary Romance) and The Sexy Series (Contemporary Romance co-written with T.R. Bertrand). Z.L. doesn't write your average romance. Her books are edgy--characters break all the "rules" and happy endings don't come easy.


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