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The Dark Christmases Trilogy now in KU

If you’ve been reading books for a while, then you know that sometimes I go in Kindle Unlimited, get cold feet and then come out fast. KU has always been a gamble for me, but as the market changes, and if I’m going to be successful at this and expand my readership, then I better kiss KU’s you-know-what.  I’m scared out of my mind right now. However, I’ve decided to stick with it for as long as I can. If it becomes clear that I’m going to lose way more money than if I was wide, then I’ll shoot Amazon another email and ask to pull-out.

I’m biting my nails here and practicing intentional breathing to calm down.

I know some of you are on my blog looking for one of The Dark Christmases books. I encourage you to download the Kindle app to get the series. And listen, it’s Saturday, 5-18-2019 today. If it becomes clear to me that this isn’t working by this time next week, then the trilogy will be wide again.

So for those who have to leave their normal store to finish the series, I apologize for the inconvenience.  I promise you none of us are in love with Amazon’s exclusivity clause. However, they do the best job of nurturing their marketplace for books; after all, they started as an online book store. So here I am, giving it another college try. This time I’m going all out. Wish me luck!

And now it’s bedtime.

Good night or Good morning (depending on what time you’re reading this)

Remember when I used to make posts this late or early in the morning in the past? I would always end by saying, please excuse any typos, I’m half awake. 😊




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