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    Talk Back Tuesday is Here!

    Hola Lovelies! Okay, let me say that the pollen level is at 94% or something today so my  head is not my BFF right now. Last night I submitted Secrets & Chances to the editor for a second round of editing, actually it was after midnight. However before that I met my writing goal for the day. Yay! So on top of the pollen attack my brain is smoking from all the stimulation. However, today, it’s going to be a little challenging because I have a lot to do down the hill but I shall do it. I want a banana-nut muffin today…. Sigh… Umm… I’m going to hunt one down. They have them…

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    Tell Me Tuesday…. “What’s Your Favorite….?”

    You know what? I’d like to hear from you more often. So I’ve decided to start my own little tradition called Tell Me Tuesday! But here’s this Tuesday’s question. I LOVE television… Btw: Here’s my answer: Game of Thrones! So tell me, what’s your absolute can’t live without television series, and you can only pick one? *** Check out the replies! You just might find your next TV series to binge on here! Offspring. It’s an Australian TV show that I binged on Hulu and I am in love with it!!! I have to check this one out! I’ll see if it’s on Netflix. The Big Bang Theory My mom really likes…

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    My New Book “Secrets & Chance (The Sterlings)” is DONE!

    Yay! Book one of The Sterling series has been with the editor since last Thursday! I would post a sample now but the story is just too raw and riddled with mistakes. I want to give you a nice solid chunk of story to feed on so the manuscript is going to have to at least clear the first round of proofing. And let me tell you, I am excited to share this series with you. All of my preliminary sources have said this is my best work yet!  Of course stories are subjective so… But if you want to read a good series that sucks you in, then I think this one is…

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    Which Cover Do You Like Best? *Concluded*

    Ciao Lovelies! You’re very close to receiving a sample of Secrets & Chance (The Sterlings Series, book 1). Today, I’ll be done with book 1–YAY!!! Like, seriously, YAY! It took a lot of hard work to build the foundation of such a big story full of mystery, the complexity of family and of course a budding romance. Anyway… This is not a post about Secrets & Chance. I have a quick favor to ask of you. Wish of the two covers below moves you to want to know more about the story?   UPDATE: FYI so the A’s blew the B’s out of the water. Thanks to all those who responded! Much Love,…

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    What’s Up in 2017!

    Gosh, it’s already January 1st of 2017. I’m in a totally trippy space right now but I am happy and healthy. Like I just completed this 22 day challenge of 22 push-ups per day plus a Jillian Michaels’ kickboxing work out. Friday was the last day. The results were so amazing for my body, mind and soul that I’m doing it again starting tomorrow. Anyway… So regarding my writing plans for 2017, I don’t know the full extent of them yet. I just put the LOVE in the USA series to rest and I have to tell  you it’s pretty emotional for me. But you know, those characters are all living…