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What’s an ARC you say?

ARC means Advanced Reader Copy.

Basically I’m looking for a solid team of advanced readers. You will receive free advance copies of my new books in exchange for honest reviews.

Here are some program details:
1. You will receive the ARC copy at least two to three weeks before its release date.

2. You are required to read EVERY book that will be sent to you for ARC review. The books will ONLY be distributed through InstaFreebie, and you will be able to read your copy in whichever format you desire.

3. Your review must be posted on Amazon on Release Day. We also ask that you post your review on iBooks, Google Play, Barnes & Noble and Nook but it’s not required.

4. You will be required to read ALL books, regardless of the book series.

I’m so excited about this undertaking! I’m really looking forward to getting to know many of you a lot better.

So if you’re interested complete the form below!