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    Nook and Apple “I” Device Users (UPDATE)

    Parched (Parched, book 1) and The Seventh Sister (Parched, book 2) are only available at Amazon.com for 90 days beginning on December 20, 2011 through March 19, 2012. However, Quenched (Parched, book 3) and The Fifth Sister (Parched, book 4) are still available for Nook and Apple “I” devices. And, all future books in the series will be available at these outlets as well. The only books that are momentarily exclusive through Amazon is book 1 and book 2.  You can still purchase the book from Amazon and read it on their Kindle app until I get out of KDP Select. I have to let the 90 days run it’s…

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    The Fifth Sister (Parched, Book 4) NOW AVAILABLE!

    The Fifth Sister (Parched, Book 4) Has been released and is now available for your Kindle and Nook! However, it will not be available for purchase in the Ibook store for a couple of weeks; I plan on remedying this matter in the future. www.amazon.com/Sister-Paranormal-Romance-Parched-ebook/dp/B006M9JS3I www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-fifth-sister-a-paranormal-romance-zl-arkadie/1107994944 Well… The world of Parched continues to turn in this fourth installment of the novel series! It’s time for Glo, the fifth sister, to take her place in the ranks, and this book puts her right in the thick of it! Thanks for signing up for the list! I do hope you enjoy this installment.  And feel free to leave reviews, they’re oftentimes a…

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    Parched Series Book Release Mailing List!

    By popular demand, I finally started a mailing list for those who want to know when the next book in Parched series is released. After all… We still have books 5, 6 and yes 7, to go! So sign-up for the list and you’ll know when the next book is released on the day that it’s released! Oh, and you’ll find the link to the sign-up form at the top, right-hand side of the homepage of this blog!

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    The Gift of Experience In Writing

    So right now I’m reading Misty Black book one again to get reacquainted with the story. My goal was to get a feel for the writing style I used, which was third person omniscient/past tense. (She sighs BIG) Okay…. So at the moment I’m at page 51 and I’ve noticed something, four books later (well 5 books later really), which lands me to today, I’m just a better writer of prose. I started Misty Black as a screenwriter. See, I started out in prose in 1999 and then in 2004, I branched off into screenwriting to fix the problem I had with plotting.  I started screenwriting believing the art of…

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    Splat… Goes “The Great American Novel”

    Someone asked me recently am I going to stick with writing paranormal romance. My answer was, no. Why????? Because like all writers I had this idea that I have a great, self-defining, tell on our society novel to write. Sighhh… However, the truth is– In my soul. In my heart. I don’t. See here’s the thing about the idea of “The Great American Novel”… I think it’s a fallacy.  Not a complete fallacy but how it’s categorized is a fallacy. Getting at this in a different way– the thing is, it’s American to work hard. It’s Puritan to not give into your pleasures. Remain practical, use your brain, denounce sensuality.…

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