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A Hollywood Love Story (Sonja & Jay)


Released on March 27, 2018 – Preorder Now!

Sonja and Jay were once best friends, and then he broke her heart and they became strangers. Fifteen years later an act of fate brings them together.

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Ebook Reg. Price: $3.99  ♥  Print List Price: TBA



Releases on May 27, 2018 – Preorder Soon!

Jay West could have any woman in the world but he chose Sonja. However the powers that be and a disgruntled ex-girlfriend disagree with his choice, and they won’t stop trying to keep the two of them apart. Things get down and dirty and outright ugly. But perhaps Sonja and Jay’s adversaries had underestimated the power of their love. The battle is on as they get embroiled in a fight they can’t lose, because if they don’t win all that they cherish will be forever destroyed.




Ebook Reg. Price: $3.99  ♥  Print List Price: TBA