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Romance and Mystery at their best.

Secrets And Lies (The Sterling, Book 1)
(Formerly, Secrets & Chance)

A missing persons investigation sparks a budding romance between two lawyers while they’re forced to work together to uncover familial deceptions and murderous schemes.






Ebook Reg. Price: $4.99  ♥  Print List Price: 14.99 

Secrets That Hide (The Sterlings, Book 2)

(Formerly, “Revelations”)

The sharks are coming for their grub. But how far will they go to get what they want, and how far have they already gone? Rosalie and Chance are about to find out.





Ebook Reg. Price: $4.99  ♥  Print List Price: 14.99


Secrets That See The Light (The Sterlings, Book 3)

(Formerly, Forever & Ever)

Rosalie and Chance can no longer deny the strong feelings they have for each other. Will they be able to catch a killer and the love bug?





Ebook Reg. Price: $4.99  ♥  Print List Price: 14.99 


 The Secret Keeper (The Sterlings, Book 4) Final

Family secrets are forced to the surface in this final installment of The Sterlings series.

However one person may be forced out of the shadows to save the family’s soul—The Secret Keeper. But first Chance, Rosalie, Halo and the sexy Alex Stone will have to find her. And they better look fast because bodies are falling, love is in the air and lies are being made truth.

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