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    A Glass of Red Wine To Celebrate! “Steal With A Kiss” A Parched Novel

    Because I am only three thousand words away from being 30k words into “Steal With A Kiss” A Parched Novel! You know what happens after I reach 30k words right? I go back to the beginning and solidify my foundation. By Monday, I’ll be at that point, since I’m cranking out 3k words a day on this story! About 2k on the other one–which is still a surprise. 😉 Excuse me. I’ve already drank the contents of mie bicchiere (my glass). This means, there’s no way I’ll be able to work on the other story tonight. I think. Anyway… I can’t believe I’m pumping out stories like this! Something happened…

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    Vanquish – Manage Your Kindle Update Available

    Just a quick FY. You should be able to click on an update tab for Vanquish, Parched book 7 in Manage Your Kindle on Amazon.com. You’ll need the update if you purchased the book between April 11, 2013 and around May 16, 2013. I’ve scheduled with the best editors from this point onward (which is good because it forces me to adhere to deadlines), so this catastrophe should never happen again. Many thanks. Have a Fantab Day! Much Love, Z

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    Reflections on I vs. She… POV

    Before hitting the hay for the night, I thought I’d get this thought down in writing… Parched is the first book I’ve ever written in the first person–actually the only piece of work I’ve finished writing in that particular POV.  It has always been a struggle writing in the “I.” I think it had a lot do with me, writing “I” and the “I” not actually being “me.” It felt like readers would read the characters and see me and think I’m writing about myself.  I didn’t want to be exposed. Why? Because readers are right in some regards to read the writer in the text. We pull parts of…

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    Page 50 Happy Dance…

    I remember the days when I used to do the page 50 happy dance… I’m thinking I’ll be there tomorrow and I wonder if I’ll do the dance…hmmm… It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to page 50 on a new book. For the past 3 years, I’ve been rewriting already written stuff. So, this is a great position to be back in again. Truthfully, I can reach that goal tonight, which is really today a little after midnight, if I wanted to.  If I were willing to sacrifice an hour of my sleep. And the truth is, if I hadn’t watched the last episode of My So Called…

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    The Artist LIVES!!!

    Again. Bam. No, really, it has been a long journey to get back here, to come full circle like this.  I feel like I did when I hula-hooped again, a few weeks ago in Seattle. See, I used to hula-hoop all the time when I was 8 years old.  However for the last two years, I’ve tried it again, and couldn’t get it going. That’s until I met the hippy at the marketplace who gave me a lesson, sold me a solid hula-hoop and told me to just go for it, “believe in yourself!” And I did go for it. She turns to look at her hula hoop resting against…