Book List

The Sterlings

Featuring Chance Sterling

Secrets & Chance (Book 1) 

Revelations (Book 2)

Forever and Ever (Book 3)

The Secret Keeper (Book 4) Final


LOVE in the USA (The Lords)

Book 1 – Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story
Starring Daisy & Belmont

Book 2 – There’s Something About Her: A Manhattan Love Story
Starring Maggie & Vince

Book 3 – Say You Love Her: An L.A. Love Story
Starring Charlie & Angel

Book 4 – Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, #1)

Book 5 – Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, #1)

Book 6 – Explore Her, More of Her (Daisy & Belmont, #2)

Book 7 – Made to Like Her (Maggie & Vince, #2)

Book 8 – He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story
Starring  Vince & Carter

Book 9 – Made to Love Her (Maggie & Vince, #3)
final in Maggie & Vince series with HEA ending.

Book 10 – He’s So Good (Robert & Carter) 
final in Vince & Carter series with HEA ending.

Book 11 –  Say You Love Me (Charlie & Angel) 
final  Charlie & Angel in series with HEA ending.

Book 12 – Adore Her, More of Her (Daisy & Belmont, #3)
final in Daisy  & Belmont series with HEA ending.


LOVE in the USA (The Hesters)

Once Friends (A Hollywood Love Story, #1), LOVE in the USA, Sonja & Jay, #1

Now Lovers (A Hollywood Love Story, #2), LOVE in the USA, Sonja & Jay, #2

Taming The Shrewd (Another Hollywood Love Story) LOVE in the USA, Elaine & Zach – Releases by August 28, 2018

Her Perfect Man Series by Z.L. Arkadie & T.R. Bertrand

(Previously The Sexy Series)

The Boss’ Desire

The Professor’s Heart

The Artist’s Love

The Chef’s Passion


Book 1 – Parched

The Seventh Sister
read about Zill, the 7th sister, before she enters the main plot. (Can be read as a standalone.)

Book 2– Quenched

The Fifth Sister
read about Glo, the 5th sister, before she enters the main plot. (Can be read as a standalone.)

Book 3 – Ignite

Light Speed
read about Navi and Adore, the 3rd and 1st sisters, before they enter the main plot. (Can be read as a standalone.)

Book 4 – Vanquish

Steal With A Kiss

Forget Me Never Pt. 1 (The Search for A Vampire)

Forget Me Never Pt. 2 (The Search for Time)


* Not Yet Released


  • Ann

    I can’t find the 3rd book in your Sterling series Forever and Ever as an ebook anywhere. Do you know why it was taken off of Amazon?

  • Collette Le Paven

    I’ve just finished your 1st book of 12’ve of Daisy & Belmont,

    I am frustrated that wherever I try to get the whole series in order either
    on Kobo, Amazon, your site, good reads, Google Play they are NOT all
    there and some jump books such as book 1 then goes to book 5 then goes
    to a other series of yours, freaking Frustrating You must know that it would
    make more sense if we could buy them by bundle under KOBO, or GOOGLE PLAY or GOOD READS for the love of God why not listed properly
    in order so People Such as Myself can easily find and buy the complete series,

    Unless thats not what you wan’t I absolutely Loved your Book so please
    tell me why things have to be complicated when they can be so simple?

  • Z

    Hi. I haven’t read any of your books yet but the reviews are incredible so I plan on starting the LOVE in the USA series. I was just wondering if Forget Me Never is the last book in the Parched series as I really love urban fantasy/paranormal books but I don’t read a series until the series is complete as if I have to wait for the next book, I read a million other books in between and then end up feeling like I’ve forgotten some things from the book before and it dampens the whole excitement of reading an amazing series 🙂 . Sorry O’ve rambled on a bit. Just wanted to know about the Parched series final book. Thanks

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Hi Zahra! The series really concludes with book 4, Vanquish. However, these characters had been created and brought into a universe that I made and I couldn’t let it go so I wrote three other books but the main plot is wrapped up by book 4. Thanks for asking! Z

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Hi Frances! I got an extension with my editor to avoid rushing the story. I put a lot on plate this year, and I NEVER want to weaken a story just to get them out there. So the new scheduled release date of Say You Love Me (Charlie & Angel) is September 12, 2016 but I might release it a week earlier. It depends on how the editing and ARC process goes! 🙂 Thanks for asking! Z

  • Kerrie

    I’m dying to read the nextext book ‘Say you love me’ in the love in the USA series! I’ve just read all the others in 4 days & I’m addicted! Thank you for writing this series, it’s non stop page turning work! ????❤

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Ahh… Thanks so much, Kerrie! 🙂 I’m outlining Say You Love Me now. I cannot WAIT to start writing the book! I feel pretty satisfied by where the story wants to go :-). Thanks again! Z

  • Sheena

    You are such a fantastic writer! I love the USA series – I’ve never had a book where it was awesome from start to finish! You write so beautifully and I’m excited to see that 3 more are coming out in 2016 🙂
    Happy reading everyone !! 🙂

  • Joanne Robertson

    That explains it then. Thank you for letting me know, I will try and patiently await them but no doubt I will read more of you other books in the meantime.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Joanne! The Misty Black trilogy hasn’t been written. I may return to it one day. I have so many books to write this year and next that it might be two to three years before I can even get into it. 🙂 All best, Z

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Thanks for stopping by Katen! Actually there will be more books in the LOVE in the USA series. Only the principle stories of Daisy & Belmont, Maggie & Vince, Charlie & Angelina and Robert & Carter will be tied off in the next four books. I still have “She’s So Bad” and “She’s So Good” to write, featuring Monroe. Her love interest will be someone we know from Know Her, Love Her and Explore Her, More of Her 😉 I still think I want to write a book featuring Daisy’s cousin Anton. Write now we’re writing The Sexy Artist, I was thinking about using him as a series cross-over character. He’d be good for our female protagonist–Liza. Hmmm… However, thanks so very much for stopping by and getting these thoughts stirred in my brain! 🙂 All best, Z

  • terri

    Thanks, so much for all the books u wrote. Fell in love with all of them. Will continue to look for all new releases. Love the USA series soooo much. Can’t wait for the rest to come out. Once again thanks for writing the best love stories ever !!!!

  • Lizzy

    *** Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, #1) ****
    I’m not able to purchase this book on UK iBooks, is they a way I could read it???
    Thanks in advance

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Lizzy,

      Know Her, Love Her is only sold on until March 2, 2016, at least. It’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, during the period of enrollment the book can only be purchased on Your iDevice should allow you to download the Kindle App, after which you can purchase the book on or better yet sign up for the free 30 day KU trial on and read it for free!

      All best, Z

  • Bree

    someone please help me! ???? do i have to read the entire Love In The USA series to follow the story of Daisy and Belmont? Or can i just read the seperate books!! ???? either way ill more than likely read the entire series! Thank you! ????

  • Fiona

    I love Daisy and Jack’s story and am waiting with bated breaths for number 3. With that Little bit of a cliff hanger thrown in there at the end OMG I can’t wait to read it. I have read all of this serous so far and can’t wait for more. You are an extremely talented writer. I am now going to start reading the Parched bookS. Keep up the amazing work xxxxxxx I’m hooked

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Thanks so much for your gracious words, Fiona! 🙂 Yeah, just a little bit of a cliff-hanger. 😉 And thanks for making it this for in the LOVE in the USA series, and yes, a final book three featuring Daisy and Belmont is coming next year. I just have to sort out my writing schedule. All best, Z

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Jacqui! The release date for Forget Me Never II is November 31st. I’m not sure about the final books of the Parched series. I have an idea about how I’m going to bring their stories to an end but it’s not yet set in stone. But once I know, I’ll write it here! Thanks for asking, and Thanks for reading the Parched series! 🙂 All best, Z

  • Marts

    I have just finished reading Roberts story and as ever was totally hooked from start to finish, I love the whole love in the USA series ????, really I should have waited for Maggie and Vinces story before reading Roberts because now I have itchy feet awaiting Maggie and Vinces part 3!

    While I’m patiently waiting on Maggie and Vinces next chapter I thought I would read your Parched series but can’t find it on iBooks, is it not on there? All that keeps coming up is Forget me never pt 11, help please!!!

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi! I’m so happy you’re into the LOVE in the USA series 🙂 I truly appreciate you stopping to let me know. The Parched series is only being sold on Amazon until October 14 and the rest will be able to be widely distributed again on Oct 16. Thanks for asking! All best, Z

  • Slhm94

    Thanks for getting back with me. I plan on finishing the series and starting your others. I completely understand why you need to do what you do. Thank you!!

  • kelly jennings

    Hi I absolutely love the daisy and Belmont story, when will the 3rd book be out as I’m dying to read it. I read the Martha vineyard and the 2 other daisy books in 2 days as I couldn’t put them down.☺

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Kelly! I’m happy you’ve enjoyed the stories surrounding Belmont and Daisy. The next Belmont and Daisy story will likely be released early next year. I’ll keep you and others updated here on the blog. Thanks for asking! Z

  • Slhm94

    I just started reading the Parched Series. LOVE IT! I have downloaded them to my Android phone and I am up to #6. The play store is telling me they aren’t available in my country now… Not happy…

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Sorry to respond so late. I’ve been out of commission for the weekend–limiting the amount of hours I spend looking at the computer screen. All the books in the Parched series can only be purchased on until October 14, 2015. For me it was a business decision I had to make in order to beat the summer sales slump. Amazon has a Kindle App for the Android. Here’s the link:

      I hope this helps. I do apologize for any inconvenience. I hope you continue reading the Parched series. The series is my best work! 🙂

      All best,

  • Gina Stoops

    I love your love in the USA books. They keep me on my toes all the time. I bought book 8, 2 days ago and stayed up all night finishing it last night. Can’t wait till book 9 comes out its sucks I have to wait till December lol you’re an absolutely amazing writer thank you for these amazing books. I have four children at home and I work and go to school but these books keep my attention I never want to put them down.

  • sherika johnson

    I am totally in lovw with “Love in USA”. I am patiently waiting on Robert’s story in July. Will there be another Daisy and Belmont book? I love those characters.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Sherika! 🙂 Thanks so much for loving the Love in the USA series! I’ve been conceiving another Daisy and Belmont book. Once I write the next three books in the series, I’ll have a better understanding of what story would entail. So in short, I think so… I think I’ll be writing another Daisy & Belmont story, which will be the final in their series. I might make it the wrap book for Maggie & Vince and Charlie and Angel as well. Stay tuned, and thanks for asking! 🙂 All best! Z

  • Connie

    Just got introduced to your books. I love the “patched Series” leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait for books 10 and 11.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Thanks Connie! I can’t wait to get started on Forget Me Never (Pt. II)! 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by! All best, Z!

  • Charlotte c

    I read all the love in the USA series in under 2 days just finished book 7 but was wondering when book 8 was out I love the book’s

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Charlotte, book 8 of LOVE in the USA is scheduled to be released on July 31, 2015. Yes, I have two books on my radar–Made To Love Her (Maggie & Vince, #3) LOVE in the USA, 9 and a Charlie and Angel novel.There will be a lot more stories to tell in this series as I introduce new and old characters. Thanks for asking! All best, Z

  • Charlotte

    I have read all the love in the USA books in 2 days they were good but I just finished book seven Maggie and Vince 2. When is book 8 coming out please

  • Barbara

    I love the Parched series, I’m on pins and needles waiting for the part 2 of forget me never. I look in amazon everyday for the book. I know it takes a while ,you are a good writer relax I’m just waiting I’m excited.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Thanks Barbara 🙂 I can’t wait to throw all of my focus on writing the next Parched novel. The time approacheth… 😉 Many thanks for stopping by! Z

  • Chris

    Hi, I am so crazy about your love in USA series!! You are Very Talented;)) I can’t find anything out about Book8 He’s So Bad?? Please tell me who the main characters are? And also when will Book9 and 10 come out?
    Thank You So Very Much for these books, they are so Amazing;)

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Thanks Chris! Robert Tango is the star of He’s So Bad. After I release book 8, I will have to write the next Parched book. Those are high-concept books and require A LOT of brain power. I will probably be creatively drained after writing Forget Me Never Pt.II. I’ll get to Made To Love Her by the end of the year or early next year. I’m not sure about book 10. I’ll know as I write forward. Thanks for asking! And also thanks for reading the books! All best, Z

  • Andrienna D.

    Will there be a part three to the Daisy and Belmont stories? I really love the whole Love in the USA series and how you really bring the reader in.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Andreienna! I’m not sure. At the moment I can’t conceive another story for Daisy and Belmont. I’ll have to keep writing the other character’s stories and hope to happen upon Daisy and Belmont’s next story. Thanks for asking! Z

  • Jojo

    Hi. I have just done a marathon read of the 6 .”Love in the USA” series in 2 days. Really looking forward to the next books in that series.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      LOL! Well, Book 7 is complete and finalized. I will release early, I just have to figure out how to get Amazon to release the pre-order before April 30th. In the future, I’m just going to run pre-orders on iBooks and Google Play only–the two store fronts are more manageable. So stay tuned! Book 7 will be available soon! Thanks for stopping by! Z

  • cathy

    I kinda wish i hadnt started this series, because it makes me crazy having to wait for the next book. I really enjoyed this series so far cant wait to see the last two.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      🙂 I’m so sorry for making you wait! I promise you, the next two books will be released sooner than you know! I’m happy you’re enjoying the series! Thanks for stopping by! Z

  • Emma Poole

    I am totally besotted with the Parched series. Im looking forward to buying the next book.
    Alas only 2 books left in this set. Since I am enthralled by this series I’m planning on checking out your other series.
    Thanks for a great read.

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