Ignite (Parched Series, A Vampire Romance, Book 3)

There’s a whole lot of “bonding” going on in this third installment of the Parched Vampire Romance Novel Series.

Clarity comes to know more of Baron Ze Feldis’ deep dark secrets. Will his honesty be what it takes for her to truly trust the power their bond?

Zillael has come to the end of the road, she must choose between Vayle, her destiny and Derek, her heart, or are her heart and destiny truly one in the same?

Fawn gets more than what she bargained for when her true bond turns up, and memories that were snatched away from her starts to resurface.

Glo is learning that the lifestyle of a vampire slayer isn’t all that grand. Will her bond with Finn be enough to convince her to continue therein?

Finally Tapeetha, the second sister, is forced to leave Enu for an Earth she abandoned hundreds of years ago. She’ll have to reconnect with her bond in order to stop Lario and the power of evil’s plan to make second-generation vampires invincible. However Leto Danto, her brokenhearted bond, isn’t ready to so easily forgive and forget.

Light Speed is also included in this book:

When Adore, the first sister, is lured out of Enu, she finds herself in the crosshairs of the “white-haired Selell.” The diabolically evil, Lario Exgesis never thought he would succumb to the power of the bond, but he has. Will his feelings for Adore get in the way of his evil ambitions? Especially since she happens to be bonded with more than one vampire.

Navi, the fourth sister. She’s literally gotten herself into a sticky situation. Surprisingly the one sister who knows how to call her on her BS has come to save her, and she brought her annoying and notorious new bond with her. Will Navi’s secrets and ulterior motive derail them from their mission to get their hands on a very desirable and powerful object?

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