Another Fiction Fade…

See… I write EVERYDAY… I mean, every-single-day

And now it’s 11:45PM and I can hardly keep my eyes open but the story that I’m now working on, thanks to my breakthrough of finally being able to embody the main character some–well, a lot–(okay, enough), has come to a halt on this Saturday, May 7th… and this sucks.

I wonder, if days like these, which I call Fiction Fade days, go away once your published, successful and only do one thing for a living–building fictional worlds?

I woke up at 11:00AM because I drove 50 miles out to my mom’s house yesterday evening, even after a full day of being sick–but my role in the Mother’s Day dinner is to make sure the Rib Roast and Rosemary chickens are bought, cooked and on the table for tomorrow, Sunday and my mission had to be completed.  So–I sort of cheated. I bought the food, drove down to mom’s house and she seasoned it all up for me. I did use this cool contraption of hers to chop the garlic and she even showed me how to chop Rosemary! I know–that’s pathetic but you have to taste my mom’s cooking to know how so very inadequate I am standing next to her in a kitchen… Basically, by the time I got home and to bed it was 1:30AM. Maybe later.  Hence, the waking up at 11:00AM.

I drove 50 miles east back out to my mom’s this afternoon but not before going to Best Buy to purchase a cover for the new Kindle 3G my sister and I bought her for Mom’s Day (my sister told me they had covers for $19.99–I knew I shouldn’t have listened to her! They were the cheap covers you stuff the Kindle in, not the nice kind that allows you to read the device like a book. I could’ve ordered the right one from Amazon for $24.99 three days ago!). Needless to say, I did not get the CHEAP Kindle cover. Oh, and then I went to DSW and ended up buying two new pairs of shoes… sighhh…  (tried a pair on tonight with a cute little skirt I bought at the Fremont Marketplace in Seattle–what a sizzling combination if worn with my black blazer!)… anyway, I digress.

Then I arrived at my mom’s at around 4:00PM  and I had to put the chickens in the oven, that was the extent of it for me (mom did everything else–I know, I suck! Mom seasons and cooks her own Mother’s Day meats–but I promise, come dinner time tomorrow, it’s going to be much better this way….). But, I did take my nephews shopping for her. They were to buy their mother a present for tomorrow.

And boy–this is a WHOLE other story…

I love my nephews though–I they think like me around because I’m always criticizing their popular culture! LOL! Like the show where the kids are at some high school in Hollywood just chilling and hiding in soda machines and junk and then, wham, the girl in the soda machine is now dancing in a music video with hair extensions and a face full of make up! I was like, really, what’s the point of this?  And my nephew asks, “Does every show have to have point, Keika?” (he’s been calling me Keika ever since he could talk and he chose to call me that. When he was three, I was like, “my name is Leika.” He smiled broadly and shouted, “Keika!” over and over and over again–and now he’s 13 and he’s still calling me Keika!)

Anyway, I say, “Absolutely! Children’s programming needs a dang point!”

I mean, Bugs Bunny didn’t have much of a point–or maybe so–I have to critically analyze it…

And then I went on to lecture them about story lines with a point and why what we were watching was point–less.


But that was the only the beginning of Huey and Duey and Auntie Dana Duck’s afternoon together that turned into night…

Long story short, after Albertson’s for the gift card, a few fast food joints for dinner where I played who can remain the stillest with one of my nephews who kept fiddling around, then back to mom’s house to drop off her dinner, then to Kohl’s where the fiddling nephew eventually got mad at me for rushing him and stormed out of the store. We went back to my mom’s. He stormed upstairs. My mom tells me to drive over to my Aunt’s to leave the meats in the refrigerator in her back house or garage or whatever it is–I think it’s the garage to the back house… Anyway–so before I leave I go upstairs where my nephew is pouting and ask if he wants to give it another shot. He ignores me so I turn the TV off to get his attention.

“I don’t like how you stormed out of the store. That’s now how you handle your frustration understand,” I say.

With his mouth turned down he nods and says, “yes.”

My heart drops.  I ask, what happened and he says, he got upset because I kept rushing him and he wanted to take his time to find his mother something special.

Now, I feel even worse.

So, I apologize for doing that because in truth, I did rush him…. I was like, “dude! Why are you smelling all this perfume! Get this $20 purse and let’s go!”

Bad auntie…

I promise him I won’t rush him again or suggest what he should get.

So we hit the road again! It’s late. Like 9:00PM. He wants to go to K-Mart now even though his mother instructed him not to go to K-Mart--he’s like dude, I’m going to Kmart anyway… Then, we drive up to our Aunt’s house to put the meat in the fridge, and now he wants to go to Walmart to by a toy. He’s 10 years old.

By the time we get back to mom’s I’m spent. I can hardly keep my eyes open and I have to drive 50 miles back home! But I do it!

And, now a day has passed without me even writing a word on this new story!

I feel horrible–slothful for some reason. Like, I’m not getting anywhere really.

But then, I think about the day with Huey and Duey and I don’t want to ever exchange it for anything not even 25 pages of advancement into my new story–but at the same time, I want that 25 page advancement!

So I guess this is what makes this saying valid, “you can want it all–but you can’t have it all.”

And forget about tomorrow, Mother’s Day! A weekend is going to go by and I’m going to get no writing done!


I don’t know how I feel about that… It’s tough but at least my day will be filled with family and love in the meantime… And that wonderful blessing, which should be good enough–is going to have to be good enough.

(I apologize for any typos as my eyes seriously want to close and brain wants to dream)