Page 50 Happy Dance…

I remember the days when I used to do the page 50 happy dance…

I’m thinking I’ll be there tomorrow and I wonder if I’ll do the dance…hmmm…

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to page 50 on a new book. For the past 3 years, I’ve been rewriting already written stuff. So, this is a great position to be back in again.

Truthfully, I can reach that goal tonight, which is really today a little after midnight, if I wanted to.  If I were willing to sacrifice an hour of my sleep.

And the truth is, if I hadn’t watched the last episode of My So Called Life, which I bought on DVD and then Glee from yesterday, and finally, fast forward through American Idol to watch Scotty McCreery get crowned, then I would’ve hit this mark a LONG time ago. TV, for me, the great distracter–Read About Me–I’m not kidding when I say, I LOVE TV. That is great TV shows. Beause I love fiction.

Anyway–the rule is and for me it has been the truth, the stuff you write after five pages in, will more than likely be the stuff you’ll end up revising… It’s like writing the last sentence, and then stepping away to do something like get a glass of water or go use the restroom–for me, clean my shower… and then I step back pick up where I left off and rewrite that last sentence, making so much better!

Good writing is done in increments.

That’s what I’ve learned.

Because the brain has to recover–dig deeper into the fictional world–live there in one position before panning out the next BEST movement. Get it?

And then there’s the issue of the outline–of course I’m loosely following it. Where I just stopped for the night/morning, my character is being followed in the day time but there’s a dense fog in NYC so thick she can hardly see her hand before her face. And her mother just warned her to not go out  into the fog–stay put until she gets there. But of course she doesn’t take her serious and goes anyway… and now… something’s about to happen—the consequence for not heeding the warning…

So that’s where I’m out–and I need an incremental break. I need to sleep on it before moving forward…

Can’t wait to see what my recovered brain comes up with.

Oh, and it’ll be MUCH easier to write in the Summer since all the shows that I like are wrapping….

Happy dance tomorrow when I reach 50 pages, and then it’s off to page 100.

Going to bed now.

Oh–uh oh–Mad Men and True Blood (which I’m giving ONE more season to redeem itself before I’m DONE) are coming back soon… cutting into my writing time… I must control this televisual fiction addiction..

Now goodnight for real!

And as usual, please excuse late night typos–it’s like I’m drunk dialing my blog… so… stupid mistakes may be made.