Writers and Coffee… maybe lattes

And it’s a very expensive habit… maybe addiction.

Right now I’m writing and craving a White Chocolate Latte from Coffee Bean.

And here’s what I hate… I live in Claremont and there are no good mom and pop coffee places that make good coffee. There are three CB’s in the general location. I choose one over the other three because it’s less crowded and isn’t located in a busy shopping area but it’s still quite unsettling to write there.  I mean,  and there are always starers. I hate starers.  There are no starers in Seattle, well at least not at the Tea Cup. I think the people are a lot like me there–like why stare at someone? What’s the point?

Anyway… right now, I’m writing–because, I’m always writing. It’s very rare that I’m not writing. And I want coffee–so bad. Not just coffee, coffee because the other night I made calls and ran down the last bag of Cookies & Cream specialty coffee from CB in the general area. Drove all the way out to Chino Hills to get it. Brewed it up last night. Had the first cup and thought–eh. The sexiness didn’t live up to the experience. But I have this coffee container which keeps the liquid warm over night so this morning I tried it again and thought, nah–don’t like it. Don’t like any coffee that’s not the sweet, sugary, white chocolate latte or dark chocolate latte–or something like that.

Sigh… so at last–I’m packing it up, heading out for my latte and writing for a couple of hours while I’m there…. And here’s the sad part… the only reason I’m going to the coffee shop now (because the general atmosphere is really not conducive to writing) is because of my EXPENSIVE addiction to lattes!

White chocolate mocha with soy, no whip =$4.45 + $1.00 tip. I always leave a tip. $5.45 x6 days a week (I stay home on Sunday)=$32.70 per week!  $130.80 per month. $1,569.60 per year!

This is a habit I need to seriously kick until I’m able to afford it. (But after today!)

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