Thousands of Words Cut in 2 days!

I’m so bummed because yesterday, after writing all day, I only got 1,307 words in, after deleting double that amount.

And to injury upon injury, five minutes ago, I had to cut a thousand words from todays writing!!!!

There’s an upside to deleting large portions of what’s already written, which is, “at least you know.”

At least I know that much more about the world and characters even if I didn’t keep any of it.

At least I know what direction I’m NOT taking the story in.


At least readers will not be bored reading a bunch of words that do nothing but confuse them because I got lost in my own plot construction. I mean is that not like the worst let down??? When the writer scripts a great plot in book one and two and falters later on the rest?  That so sucks… I don’t want to be THAT writer… but it’s easy to do.

That is the reason why I’m cutting so much…


And I have to make the mission simple in this book.

For instance in The  Lord of the Ring Fellowship of the Kings, Frodo’s mission was to get the ring to the Elves, so the guys can fight over it, so that little bitty Froto with his glassy eyes would say, “I’ll take it.” And two feet tall Sam can say, “I’ll go with you.”  Easy enough–right?????

Then I thought, what’s going on in The Tw0 Towers??? I mean, why do we really need it??? Now it occurs to me, it’s book two, and for me, book three is my book two, which is the continuation of the main plot–and it’s the hardest to write.

Why is that you ask?

Because you have to make ground–move forward–but you can’t get to the end!

The last book should be easy to write, I presume… because it takes you to the end!

Note to self…


It’s all about the ring… that’s all…

And for me, it’s all about the scroll….


I think I helped myself a lot with this post!

I may have to start from scratch…. and believe me, I don’t mind.

Note to other writers…

ALWAYS, ALWAYS be your OWN worst critic…

That way you don’t churn out crap.

OK… eyes burning, lids heavy, long exhausting, creatively taxing day over…

Please excuse the typos… I’ll correct them soon.