In the Beginning — Constructing the First Pages

So right now I’m at the beginning of this new book.


That’s me smiling because I’m loving who my main character is becoming.

But this writing got me to thinking. These are the critical pages, dude (Hey, I’m seriously Californian, Southern Cal that is–yeah, I say dude.)…. These pages are where it’s all starting to happen. I’m painting her weaknesses, strengths–the initial world.

You see characters have to arc.

Let me repeat that.

Characters have to ARC.

That is, start out being one way and grow to be another. And it’s the acting and reacting to the things in her world that are throwing obstacles at her, which creates the arc. That’s called, conflict.

Remember that commercial with Martin Scorcese? He said something like, “I have a protagonist but where’s the antagonist,” and he’s like repeating it or something. That’s why I love The Catcher in the Rye, the entire world is Holden Caufield’s antagonist. Sighhh…. What a genius. A one hit wonder I think…. Anyway, I digress.  Just, I always remember that. Because I have to create a character in a world that can stand a little conflict/change. I mean, we know she’s got to get out of there. Get out of Kansas Dorothy! And While in the thick of it, she’s going to get stronger. She’s going to be TRIUMPHANT!


I have to get ahold of myself.

You see, this is the exuberance of being a writer. A creator. A, hmmm, mimicker of humanity per se.

The first pages is “In the beginning.” You know?

In the beginning, Z.L. created, Glo. Clarity. Zillael…. And in the middle, who are they becoming? In the end, who will they be?

So yeah….Just had this thought 🙂

Now it’s time to get back to it. But I’m not rushing through it. You can’t rush creationism.