Writing At A New Scale…

Most people won’t find this post interesting…

So really you can skip the read 🙂

But I’m up writing tonight–book four of Parched. Yes, it’s taken hold of me and I decided not to go the other route. You know, take the detective road for Glo. It didn’t work for this story. Plus, detectives aren’t my thing. I grew up watching sci-fi’s and fantasies and alternate universes. My brother created these futuristic games. One took place in space and the other in a desert. Norseman was the desert one…. Sigh…. He was good at it. Like, I’d be a character on this journey he took me on and he created the world and the conflict–it was amazing. Like sand monsters and stuff. He’d describe how they look and what their power was and what my power was. I also saw myself as this huge Conan the Barbarian type of character, never me… hmmm… When the people I know ask me, how in the world did you think of that? Speaking of Parched–because I am such a (can’t think of the word). It’s my brother. It’s because of him I grew up imaginative. If he ever decides to write a fantasy novel–watch out. There won’t be a love story but it’ll full of blood and guts and battles and conflict and the rising of a new power and world order–the good guys will win. Oh, and when I was close to dying in the game because I rolled the lowest number with my dice, he’d let me roll again after I whined and cried like a little brat–but only a few times!  It’s funny because when he got tired he tried to kill me off but I was such a good dice roller for the most part, that he’d have to keep going! LOL!

Ahhh… memories. Sometimes I wish we can go back to those moments. Playing Norseman and that other game, gosh, what was the name of it????


This post is really to show how excited I am about discovering writing at a 200 page scale! So that was a serious, I need to go STRAIGHT to bed digression.

Because at this 200 scale, I have no headaches. My eyes aren’t strained. And I feel more intimately involved with the text. It’s amazing! Why didn’t I do this years ago!!!!


That’s all.

See, told you, you could’ve ignored this one!

It’s 2:05AM so, yeah, I’m about to stop at this great point in the story and go to bed, and pick up where I’m leaving off tomorrow.

The way it’s going, book 4 is going to be done by the end of November. I think that I should start making appointments with editors soon. Yeah, I’ve learned the editor lesson. Get one! Or two. I have two right now.  The reason why we don’t get one at first is because of the $ — sorry that’s enough of them $$$, that’s more like it. But I think I found some good ones! So… It’s all good!