SAVED… by the Schedule

Because I spent all of last month discombobulated.

I sat at my computer literally ALL DAY long for the purpose of writing but writing less than a thousand words  a day. Yikes! What a major WASTE of time.

I mean, sure, I got hit by this business a couple of times… It’s a doggy, dog existence of publishing when you choose to operate out from under the arm of a publisher… And I fell prey to that mere existence but never fear, I’m a formidable foe…

Still, I never knew what to do during the day between waiting for the editors to finish my books, figuring out new cover concepts (because I’m pretty sure, I need them– they’re a promise of a banging read) and more important than both,  I NEEDED TO WRITE.

So after much introspection, i.e = prayer,  it finally hit me!!!



Like wham…

Things have changed! And I haven’t adjusted well to those changes.

I used to wake up, get in a car, brave traffic to arrive at work at 8:00AM. The day would be over at 5:00. With an hour lunch break in the middle.

And let me tell you, I got lot done in the working day. I’m like one of those workers who cannot NOT being doing anything. I think that’s the Army’s fault. Although that was so long ago, and if you knew me back then and now, you’d think none of it ever took.

I digress…

Basically…  I needed to bring that work schedule back into my life.

I needed structure!!!!

And Hallelujah (she lifts her hands and wiggles her fingers) I rediscovered the schedule!

Wake – Get dressed – Make breakfast  – 1 hr

Write Parched book 4  – 3.5 hrs

Lunch  – 1 hr

Write either Parched book 4 or Misty Black (OMG, the drama with THAT book (takes deep sigh). It was going good until I realized that most of the story was backstory, which means there’s another book between the book I was writing and book one so I have to go back to the drawing board… outline… DANG GONE IT (that’s how you say it, right??) or is it Dag gone it… Whatever, it’s not that important… Just, I’m back at square one at the worst TIME. It’s the time that Parched book 4 is on easy street, which means I can’t slow down to concentrate on Misty Black at the moment. The good thing is I’ll be done with book 4 before the end of the month — I digressed again, but this part of my day is scheduled for – 1.5 hrs

I’m done working/writing and logged off the computer by 5:00PM, making time for some sort of social life!

BUT TODAY was not the BEST DAY.

Amazon UK took The Seventh Sister off free! I’ve been working and stressing trying to get that back to free… OMG, why are they screwing with me on this right now! WE BOTH BENEFIT IF THE ****** BOOK IS FREE!!!!!!

Sighhhh…. Gosh.

And I’m pretty sure I need new covers for the Parched series– If I were with a big publishing house, the current covers would probably fly because they can BUY my visibility like they do their own books. But the truth is, I LOVE being independent of them! I use all the years I’ve worked with a minimal job title and BIG job to work for me. And so my research has concluded–new covers are needed. So today, I’ve been working on that with my lovely cover artist.  We’re making great progress!

Readers, let me know if it’s a “nah” when they come out sometime this week!

Okay– so that’s my post for the night.

Shutting down once my cover artist has all she needs from me tonight!

(I’ll have to send her a nice Christmas gift! 🙂

… And my editor. I found an editor I like!

Nightie, night!