The Fifth Sister (Parched, Book 4) NOW AVAILABLE!

The Fifth Sister (Parched, Book 4)

Has been released and is now available for your Kindle and Nook!
However, it will not be available for purchase in the Ibook store for a couple of weeks; I plan on remedying this matter in the future.

The world of Parched continues to turn in this fourth installment of the novel series!
It’s time for Glo, the fifth sister, to take her place in the ranks, and this book puts her right in the thick of it!

Thanks for signing up for the list! I do hope you enjoy this installment.  And feel free to leave reviews, they’re oftentimes a tiny gift for us authors!
Looking forward to hearing what you think! Personally, this book is my favorite in the series but that’s just me!

All best, and until next time!