What a Year!


I mean not only for myself but what a year we’ve had as a society.

I noticed there are more Christmas lights on the neighbors’ lawns this year. Last year there were less lights and the year before there were hardly any.

All of my friends are back to work. All the people that I love are healthy and at least convinced themselves that they’re happy (long stories) LOL! But I’ll be here for them when they can no longer delude themselves…

Yes… I digressed… Sorry about that… LOL

And it’s been a LONG time since we had a spectacular year in TV but this year I hope is the beginning of a new trend where even networks are stepping it up. I mean, last night, American Horror Story??? (although that’s cable) Fringe… Vampire Diaries (what a twist) I mean I didn’t read the books because I couldn’t get through the first one. Oh, and Boardwalk Empire (I mean the offing of James Darmedy!)… I can go on. And we haven’t even seen Mad Men yet. So, yeah, TV has been good. It’s amazing I got any writing done! LOL! After all, I love TV.

Movies have sucked though, but oh well… Can’t get everything.

Books were good. Especially from those of us who just took the heels of our boots and kicked down the doors held up by the gatekeepers.  I mean readers are just amazed that we answer emails and respond to their warmhearted messages. Well it’s because there’s no middle man. It’s us, and you! For me, there’s no other way to do it.

And this year all of my nephews are one year older… Their growing up is the biggest suspense in my life since I remember them all so vividly from the first day each of them were born. I mean, it was this year, today, that I called one of them on his I-Phone (um, he’s 14 years old) and he told me my 9 year old nephew wanted to talk to me. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt the exhilaration that comes over you when a nephew asks to speak to you but each time one of them wants to chat, I get all giddy inside. I mean, I never knew love could be stretched to such limits. Anyway, he didn’t want to talk about anything really! Just kept asking me a bunch of questions about the time me and his father saw an alien in our window when we were kids and reminded me that I said I’m going to take him and my other nephew, the 11 year old to the San Diego Zoo (and of course I checked the prices and that trip is SO ON.) And a bunch of other stuff. He ended by telling me that we’ve been talking for 46 minutes. So yeah that’s one of the best things about this year. My nephews!

And this is the first year I can actually take this opportunity to Thank all those who always take the time out of their busy lives to drop me a line to tell me they liked a book.  It means a lot, really it does… Thank You, ladies! You know who you are… I’ll be getting book 5 out for you early next year!

Finally, I must shake the mud out of my head after being forced to listen to Justin Bieber on The X Factor… OMG. He definitely has a voice for little girls and that corny swag… But hey, I was once a screaming, blind teenage girl sooo…. Anyway–I guess I wasn’t forced; I could’ve changed the channel.

I’m sure there are hundreds of things that made this year, UNIQUE but we’ll leave the documenting of them up to Barbara Walters, Katie Couric and people like that.

So on that note, I say goodnight! Happy Holidays! And have a Wonderful New Year!