New Year’s Decisions…

Well, for me, a lot has changed in the new year. I’ve garnered new perspective in every aspect of my life.  It’s freeing, you know???

I’ve also realized something else.

Probably 90% of those who’ve read the first book of Misty Black are those who’ve read it because of Parched.

I wanted to start the new year writing the second book. However, I’ve been outlining the story for a few weeks, basically during my holiday break and I’ve come to the conclusion that the story needs to be kicked up about ten notches.  I need to devote my entire mind to that series. This I cannot do if Parched is running around in my head.

So here’s my decision for the new year; I have to finish the Parched series before I begin the next book of the Misty Black series.

This is the best decision because it gives me time to really reconstruct the world of Misty Black and the relationships between characters.  I’m seeing new conflict in their universe everyday. Like today, another plot point hit me, which I know will make the story that much better. Right now it’s like the beginning of a stew in my mind. I’m adding the ingredients to the pot. It has to keep boiling so all the flavor can came out of the bones and spices–and then it has to sit for a short time to ripen. Does that make sense? You know, a fully cooked stew always tastes better the second day…. Get it? 🙂

There are a couple of things I want to do in Misty Black. As I said already, make the universe and the conflict bigger. And the other thing is make it something the Parched readers would love but make it different at the same time. I really, really know I can do that. Not only for me but for you! And Misty Black: The Beginning is always there for you to read if you haven’t yet. However, the one major decision I’ve made regarding that series is that “The Beginning” is not book 1 of a trilogy.  The next book will be book 1.

So to all the readers of Parched, guess what???? Today, I start book 5!

Now remember, the story is going to be BIGGER because we have a lot going on right now. We have a lot of important characters. However, I promise it won’t be slower. Because I promise you, no one can get bored faster than I can. And if you can get bored faster than I can… wow… that’s amazing! LOL… I mean, my boredom comes from the part of me that always says… “okay, that’s enough; let’s just move on already.”

But we are charging forward!

So, for all the fans of Parched, my early goal is to get the book released by late March. I write on a daily work schedule but I’ll be spending the first part of this week getting into an outline until the story finds its legs and takes off on its own.

And so… it’s time to get to work on book 5!

Until next time!