New Town… New Writing Routine

So finally, I’ve made it to Seattle and am settling in quite nicely.

Dear God, I love this town…

No, really…

I do — LOVE this town.

Although too much driving can end up killing me.

Like on Monday, the day I arrived, a guy clipped my car and then tried to blame it on me. We both turned the corner at the same time. And he called me a stupid something, cunt or bitch and all kinds of things.

But… Did I tell you that I’m California cool…

Like, it takes WAY more than that to make me lose my head or get upset. Because really, I don’t know him so anything he said didn’t matter because he doesn’t know me.

But I think my cool demeanor once again, caught a Seattle’ian off guard. I just said, look, “you hit me. I’m in my lane. But I’m not going to argue with you, we can let our insurance companies decide who’s at fault.” And I said it with remarkable composure. And that’s when he noticed our driver side mirrors hit each other. And all of his paint was on my mirror and there was none of my paint on his mirror. I wonder what that means???? Anyway, anyone who knows me, knows that I really don’t care about stuff like that. I mean, more than once I got hit and said, just forget about it. It’s just a car. An inanimate object that we can’t take with us. If it can still drive, then I’m good.



I finally told him, look, I don’t care, what do you want to do?

He welcomed me to Seattle. Yeah, like, he asked, “are you just moving here?” Because all of my boxes and stuff were in all the seats of my car.

I said, “yes.”

And he welcomed me to Seattle with a handshake.

That was crazy right.

So today, I drove to Target out of the city because us Californian girls need our Target, like NEEEEED.

Let me tell you, it was the CLEANEST, uncluttered and uncrowded Target I ever happened upon. I kid you not. It was, Target heaven!!!

But, the drive. Sighhhh…. They have weird highways and roads and stuff here in Washington. I made it there but I have to say, I was THIS close to turning into a highway exit that was right next to the street that I was supposed to turn down. That would have been a disaster if I had pulled that off. Just as I made the RIGHT turn, three cars drove off the highway and I would’ve met them head on…


Then, I walked to the Radio Shack down the street and I’ll have to walk back tomorrow to return the component video cables again; this will be the second time. I just ordered the right ones off Amazon (good old reliable–right). The other day I had to go to the bank, grocery store and post office, and walked to all three! The only place I’ll have to drive to is Target! Um, Big Lots… Oh, and up the hill to Trader Joe’s in Queen Anne… Although, the regular grocery stores are so clean here! Like I went into Safeway today. We haven’t had Safeway in Southern Cali in YEARS… I was a kid when they went away or were turned into another store name brand. I think. Anyway… and let me say, I even bought food in Target today! I never do that because the Cali Targets are so grimy and dirty looking that I can’t even trust the food!

So tomorrow, I’m on the hunt for my new coffee shop to write in. It has to be the RIGHT place. I did find the right place during the time I stayed at my mom’s. I used to drive up to the Coffee Bean in downtown Riverside. It was perfect! And they make really good coffee there. Better than any other Coffee Bean I’ve ever visited. And they’re consistent… Sighhh… Man, I’m going to miss CBTL… White chocolate latte with soy, no whip. Sighhh….

Anyway, I have my eyes on a coffee shop, I’ll visit tomorrow. I have A LOT of writing to do because this move has taken precious hours and days away from me–not to mention $$$+$.

I have to get a new routine because my old one won’t do here. Not with the city surrounding me. I can see the, a cut of Mercer Island (I think) and tall buildings from my windows. There’s so much going on around me and if I’m not out there in it, then I feel like I need to catch up. This city is sort of accelerated in a very subtle way. I don’t think my fellow inhabitants realize how fast and far they go in one day. But for the sake of getting my book, Parched book 5, to the editor in time and in the best shape possible, then I need to find their rhythm and keep up with them. Plus, I have to schedule a workout in there somewhere…


3k words a day… I need to get back to place where I can easily do that!

So tomorrow, will be the beginning of me carving out my new routine in this city!

Peace, love and happiness to you all!

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