7 Sisters – 4 Voices – Keeping it “I” and Flowing

What’s great is meeting new sisters and detailing how different they are from each other.  I’m knee deep in book 5, and just like I planned and have announced, this story is BIGGER than the rest. It’s not because I’m letting the plot drip, drip, drag but because it’s all happening in this book. I won’t give away the story but we have four POV’s in this book, however Clarity is still the main POV. We’re learning about the connection the vampire bonds have with each other and the scope of Lario’s manipulation. Action-wise… so did Cort drink Ob’s blood? Or did he drink something else? And I cannot forget the coven… btw, I will give this bit of information away–Baron will find someone in the coven; the only person left alive… (wink)

Anyway, the readers have met three of the sisters in a major way thus far. They’ve come to know them intimately. Therefore, I can’t move them into the background and I can’t lose my grip on the story by overwriting it. Clarity is the major character in the primary novels and this is a primary novel.  Clarity’s actions and reactions must drive the main plot. The sisters must drive the subplots, which must merge into the main plot by the beginning of the third act of the story. It’s not easy. It’s a delicate balancing act. But I think, thus far I’ve been successful at fulfilling my intent. I don’t know– maybe it has been easier than I thought. Hmmm….

I hope that makes sense.

My head is spinning right now.

However, I have to keep it pushing. The plot points must stack up one upon the other. Everything planted WILL pay off.

I’ve been writing all day and it’s time to move into Zillael’s POV in order to further the plot and bring Vayle, Glo and Finn into this story.

I’m at an important point and it’s time to sign off, close the computer down and let the characters help me get it done.

And it’s that, I shall do while watching last night’s episode of Downton Abbey!

(Don’t you just love it how Livinia conveniently died of some weird fever after Matthew’s able to walk again??? LOL… Sighhhhh… Yes, I’m being cynical but I love it anyhow… Oh, Mary and Matthew, just get it on already… Although, they are cousins… that’s kind of gross but…)