The Seventh Sister… Plus an Update on Ignite!

The Seventh Sister is now free EVERYWHERE, even on Amazon!!!

A HUMONGOUS Thank You to all who helped make that happen!

Look for Parched book 5 to be released soon! I am delayed but I refuse to rush it and cut corners. I have to go where the story leads me and it has led me to an extra chapter!

Hopefully it won’t lead me to another one…

I’m pretty sure it won’t but… True story…

I was writing on a Macbook Air that I bought last month and received in the mail a week before last. I bought it used because it came with all the applications like MS Office. Anyway, it went out on me 5 days later and guess what I DIDN’T do??????

Back up!

So, I lost the latest version of Ignite, which set me back 5 days.

However, it was a blessing in disguise! Because it forced me to delete an entire scene that I was holding on to simply because it was nicely done and I loved the action BUT the scene occurred too soon and it would’ve been redundant because it was climatic in quality but it wasn’t the climax… Get it???

Anyway… The good news is The Seventh Sister is finally free again! And… Ignite will more than likely be complete by tomorrow and off to the editor by Friday (Um, Monday)!