Moods Like A Writer

So they say writers are moody… and I don’t know if it’s true or if it’s because our profession is so mentally and emotionally demanding that we’re aware of what’s happening within….

And let me just say, today, SUCKS…

Of course, it’s 60 something degrees in Seattle and no blue sky or direct sunlight.

And I’m OK with that.

Maybe it’s the moon-phase or something. I do really believe that the natural elements can affect our moods being that we’re made from them.

But if I really go back and think about when it all took a dive for me today it would have to be after I discovered that my camy UGG boots are too big.

I know…


I’m not that shallow…

But deep down, I’m aware that it’s affecting me BECAUSE of how it’s all shaking out.

So, they arrived about a week and a half ago. I ordered them off  So, I put them on without walking in them and they fit fine. And it’s been so warm in Seattle that I didn’t have to wear them until today.

So I put on my black skinny pants and sleeveless black blouse (side note: 4 days a week of hot room yoga and 3 days of Jillian Michael tapes is WORKING–no, WERKING). Then, I slipped on the gray boots. It was a subtly sexy outfit and the boots were a big part of it. The Classic Cardy, grey, UGG. However, after I took my first steps in them, I learned that they slip at the heel.


So, I said, right… I’ll send them back and exchange them for a smaller size.

(Excuse me while I BLOOOOOOOWWWW MY TOPPPPP-PAH!!!!!!)

The first mistake I made was buying them from a third party vendor. And what girl hasn’t bought a brand new pair of shoes, put them on without taking steps in them and then says, “hey, they fit. I’ll just toss this shoe box now….”

I did that.

Heck, I don’t like the shoebox clutter.

And I recycled the dang box!!!!

However, now,, the 3rd party vendor won’t exchange them without the box. I mean, really, don’t they sell shoes????? My Amazon record is my receipt!!!! And then, I called them and it took forever to get someone on the phone and then she supposedly transferred me elsewhere where I was disconnected. So yeah, they SUCK.

So now I’m stuck with a pair of $159 boots that I can’t wear.

You know, something like that can just ruin the day. I think because it’s the principle of it. I have a brand new, unworn pair of boots that I can’t wear because they’re too big and this shabby vendor with shabby customer service won’t exchange them without a box. And I KNOW, I WISH I would’ve walked in them when I initially tried them on. Took a few steps so that I could see what happens. But I didn’t. Should that be a $159 mistake?

I got less than 1k words written on book 6 of Parched today because of it. I really would go out for a drink, one glass of good red wine, if I had enough wherewithal to throw on some clothes and walk out of my apartment.


I wish I had my girlfriends here… I’d start making some calls and asking who wants to join me.

That’s another sad thing about Seattle.

All my girlfriends are in Los Angeles…. Because that’s where I built the bulk of my life.

Anyway… It doesn’t matter. Plus, one of my girlfriends is visiting next week. Yay! And the weekend after that I’m flying out to Cali for a surprise party. Yay!

In July, I’m back in a LA for a week or two. August I’m in Hawaii. I’ll be in New Orleans in September. And I’m thinking about Manhattan in October or late September; I want to see Evita and walk around until I get lost. The Met…. I want to check out the Impressionists.

So… none of this has made me feel better…

Hmmm…. Maybe it’s the weather… or some change in the moon or stars or something…

I’m still thinking about going to get that drink BUT I don’t want the crowds around me…

I want to go to a quiet place where the regulars are sulking into their glasses of scotch…