Oh Now I Get It… The Intoxicated Writer Cliche…

But it’s not a cliche….

So today, after I left the coffee shop, concluding a period of an “OK” writing day. There is no sun in Seattle today. Look, it’s true… no sun, too dreary to be too creative. At least for me. What I’ve learned is that I’m a true Californian girl. I took the sun for granted but honey, sweetie, my lovely sun, I have missed you while I was gone and know your value… I see the light!

So, after crossing 4th Avenue I decided to head to Macrini bakery to see if they have any rolly-polies left. However, as I hit 1st Avenue, the smell of pizza overtook me and I said, you know, I have no plans for dinner tonight nor anywhere to be but home, why don’t I just stop by for a bite to eat.

Then, I get inside, smile and say hi to the waitress I’m used to seeing there–a very nice young lady with the best disposition, and I take a seat in a booth. I open the menu only to see that it’s happy hour and the prices are nice.

Lo and behold, I order two slices of pizza (only ate one) and a glass of pinot grigio because it’s really good there. Then, I open my laptop and pick up where I left off at the coffee shop. Let me just sat that by the second glass of wine, I was writing prose like  this:

Why shouldn’t I?” I quickly ask, and my question seems to throw him for a loop.

That’s when his lips find mine and then his tongue slips into my mouth. This kissing comes natural to me. It’s better than the than the tastiest fruit in Enu, better than the vi’it’e’ek with its yellow skin and red flesh, succulent and sweet upon the tongue.  I’m lifting off the ground, rising, and rising and yearning for more.

And the prose just kept coming so easily to my, streaming out of my head and becoming a sensual story. My head was light on my shoulders, eyes heavy and I lacked inhibition when it came to my words.


The alcohol allowed me to free flow without thinking about it.

Now, unlike many, I don’t like this intoxicated feeling. But I love the intoxicated writing. That’s why I’m taking notes. Tomorrow, when I start work again, I’m going to bring this intoxication writing to the sober writing process.

No inhibitions.



Being there in the flesh.

And if all else fails… happy hour starts at 4PM… (wink)

Now excuse me while I let the pinot grigio wear out of my system…