A Note from an Organic Writer…


I have an advanced degree in a critical studies subject. I’m from the world of big words, carefully crafted language and sentences, and critical analysis.

I mean, the more we used obscure language, the more the professors felt certain that they were doing their job. Especially in that rhetoric class…. forgot the professors name but I really liked him a lot because he MEANT it. Like, MEANT it. He felt so passionate about it all! He loved it.

Gosh… what was his name….


I practice organic story-telling. I picture my characters navigating the real world, our world in black and white and all the other colors. They are flesh and blood and even creatures who are not human are alive and real, 3 dimensional and standing right here in front of me in my mind.

So, I’m quite educated. I know how to speak in a complete sentences and write them but I’d say, when I’m engaging in a casual conversation, my grammar is only about 60% formal. Especially if I’m speaking to a friend or family or someone across the counter.

Like today, girl in the coffee shop asked if I listen to folk music. And the only person that came to mind was Bob Dylan and the like and so I sort of sang, “nah, makes me sleepy…. I’m like…” and then I waved my neck, feigning being groggy, “this.”

That’s how we speak/communicate with each other normally. And that’s how I write. I’m sorry if it’s not good enough for the grammar police but it’s not going to change.

I would say, if you are the grammar police, then my books will NEVER be for you. NEVER. Because I will never write it in a way that doesn’t sound natural, nor let my editors, change it.

But on a good note, I did find the perfect editor! Yay! She’s experienced and a grammar-marm but I asked her to mark-up the changes because again, I’m an organic writer. I take into account my characters physical condition, surroundings and mental state of being when they’re speaking. And THAT makes all the difference. And they may say something like this, “What they are is…” Because people say that when they’re economizing on words and trying to make a  quick point! What follows is can be “stupid” or “sneaky” or “absolutely insane!”

It’s what the character says, how the character is speaking, what I hear them saying. I’t’s first person, it’s them… so… oh well…

Time for tea for me.

Mojito Mint Green tea by Stash Tea.

Did another happy hour about an hour ago.

Red wine this time.

A glass and half and yeah… left the place dizzy.

One glass is my new limit.