Oh What A Day Away Can Do…

A day away from the story that is…

Today, I didn’t write.

I woke up WAY too late… that is 11:00AM and walked up Bell Street to Yoga before 12:00PM. Yeah, I struggled, hot room yoga on a stomach that’s empty at noon is not smart.

So, while engaging in my practice book six of Parched just kept yarning itself in my head. I’d look up at the ceiling and corpse pose and all I could see is where I last left my characters and what they’re experiencing.

But here’s what I recognized–my inner-storyteller wanted me to step away from the manuscript (I’ll call it that, even if it’s not finished) because it had some weaving to do on its own. If I were to have written past the point where I last left off, then I might have missed where time, recovery and subconscious plotting has just taken me!

So, it’s about 15 minutes after 1:00Am and I just finished outlining to the end of the book six, which will take me into book 7. Here’s what I like about what the inner-storyteller has planned (and I’ll share it with you!), the issues of the souls in the darkness beneath Jari is going to be resolved in this book because it has to be. What all seven sisters have to face is for more siniser than “Vampires” or Selells. And once SOMETHING happens (I’m not divulging what that is), everything is going to change. The stakes will be higher and the consequences will easily separate the weeds from tares…

Dig that last part? That Riddle?

I know what I’m talking about though… And you’ll see once you finish book seven.


I know… That’s me smiling…

Because one day of letting my brain work without me forcing the rest of my limbs to participate, has brought it all full circle.

Okay, I’ll stop talking/writing before I say too much.

After all…


“What do you say about a person who always dangles a secret in your face?”


“She wants to tell it.”

Gosh, Goodness, Goodnight, Oh My, do I want to tell it!

This is why I’m writing steadily so that I can hurry up get this book done so you can hurry up and know it!

Water… stay on my stomach until then!


Oh and um, excuse any typos. I should be in bed right now and I didn’t go back over and read this. I’ll will when I wake up though!