Up Late with My TV…

And after this, I’m going to bed…

But I don’t know, I was just pondering the power of FICTION.

See, I’ve just finished watching four episodes back to back of Sex and the City on Lifestyle TV. I love that channel BTW.  And when the last episode ended, I found myself wishing I had thought to buy the complete series box-set on Amazon.com! Because I didn’t want to leave Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

I find myself wanting to live in THEIR world, with friends like that. I can just say anything to them and they accept me for who I am and vice versa.

But really?

Is that the real world?

Is that the real Manhattan?

And not even sisters are that dedicated to each other, believe me, I know…

However, THAT’S the beauty of fiction. We can create realities from REALITIES. And because these stories are set in the real world with roads, buildings and landmarks that actually exist, it makes that work of FICTION more obtainable…

Get it???

I can go there!

I can find that.

it’s New York! In Manhattan!

Truly, it can send someone like me chasing falsities.

I mean, I want to go to that diner, sit around that table with three other girlfriends and talk about my dysfunctional vibrator or something.

I don’t know… To me, that’s what’s important. Good girlfriends. You can’t beat that. Someone to call when you’re bored for that tiny bit of time and need a good laugh about what happened to them that day. Someone you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong things to because you might offend them, and if you do so happen to offend them, they’ll let you know right there and then. They have your back. They KNOW you. And no one can convince them that your something other than who’ve they come to know. And good girlfriends are great buffers–better than hanging out with some guy you don’t like.

The good girlfriends benefits are endless!

Someone to shop with.

Pig out with. (Like, “hey, you want to go to Krispy Kremes?” 🙂

People watch with. (OMG, look at the dress she’s wearing… I have GOT to get that dress. Girlfriend says: “You can so make that work” or “No, no… you have too much at the top.”)

Check out guys with. (Oh my God, look at him… is he wearing a ring? Is he!)

Go for a walk with. (You want get out? Let’s just go walking…)

Seek advice from when you ask for it.

And someone that will just listen and not offer any advice–just listen… And say, “you’re going to be fine.”

Like, I’d rather seek good girlfriends than a man!

Anyway… 😐


The Sex and the City effect is beginning to wear off. Reality is starting to reset itself in my mind.

The fiction effect is fading…

I think that’s what good writing does… causes an emotional reaction, good or bad. Emotionally, I’ve just left Manhattan where Carrie had been dodging her editor because she thought she was going to get fired and Charlotte was beginning to think she’d never find love again, and all the girls couldn’t trust Richard because they knew he was playing Samantha but they were wise enough to let her find that out on her own… but in the end, they all knew they’d be there for each other till the end…


I think I’ll order season one now, before going to bed…


Yeah… I will.