An “Imagination Break”…

It’s time for me to take one of those…

What’s that you say???

It’s a break to give space to my mind and allow it to craft a number of different scenarios that will move the story forward.

So basically it’s not a break from the story but a break from writing it out. It’s a way to write and rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite without actually WRITING… 🙂

This week I’ve started drawing a map of the worlds in the alternate plane.  I craft it as the characters move through them, and right now three of my characters’ goal has been hindered in one of these universes. That’s where I am now, and I don’t want to make this easy for them and I don’t want to over construct either. I mean, they’ve just not too long ago conquered one universe and while on their way to one world, they have to cross through two more… You see, these realms go on for infinity. Some are inhabited and some are not. Some of the creatures can move out of their universes and some can’t. AND, I have to put romance in there, while remaining true to the character’s nature.

So yeah…

An imagination break.

And it starts right… NOW!

Peace and Love