Project “Parched Print” Is Underway!

It will be an arduous undertaking but one book at a time I’m getting the Parched series ready for print!

What does that mean?

A massive re-editing project.

So far, Ignite and The Seventh Sister has been re-edited by my FANTASTIC new editor, who has YEARS of experience, and knows her stuff. She cares about my products and takes the time time mull over every sentence. I love it!

The thing is, she’s fearless and even tells me every time I use “a double preposition” over, and over, and over again… and over again.. LOL! 🙂

So… Here are my plans.

I’m sending Parched to her to be re-edited and then soon after that, I’m sending Quenched. Once those three are good to go, then I’m going to prepare, The Seventh Sister and Quenched for print, and update Parched.

Then, I’ll send her The Fifth Sister OR maybe Light Speed will be ready for editing by then.


So dude… How excited am I?

Like, SO excited.


And, in other news, I’m plugging away at Light Speed (Parched, book 6). I’ve hit a part where DEEP  thought is required, more than the usual deep thought I put into my books. I’m going into to new territory here. Literally. And I’m telling you people–my mind can go WAAAAY out there if I let it. I’ve so far taken my characters to 4 universes in the alternate plane and all of these places are stocked with different kinds of strange creatures. But now they’ve enter a 5th universe in order to enter the 6th universe without being detected. But this 5th universe is where I am right now. I’m taking my time with it because–well, you’ll see.  I want my characters to stay in that universe for a while. And who  knows, Adore may choose to relocate there permanently! 🙂

Anyway… I’ll keep you updated on the release of the paperback versions. And of course the ebooks benefit from the re-edits!

So now… back to work.

Peace and Love