New Version of Ignite, Parched Book 5 Available!

Dear Friends,

I apologize for the quality of the Ignite novel that I first released on May 8, 2012. Believe it or not, I did pay to have it edited but the editor simply didn’t do a good job.

Once I learned there were still a number of errors still left in the book, I went into fix it mode and hired a new editor.

Listen people, and this should be the title of a book, it probably is, but “A Good Editor Is Hard to Find.” And I have found one! Because believe me, I care enough of about my stories and my readers to pay the cash to publish the best book I can.

A special thank you to those fans who wrote me to tell me how the loved the story regardless! 🙂 The reason good fans are hard to find is because writing a good book is very difficult. Sometimes crafting a book looks TOO easy to readers. But it is NOT. Especially a fast paced, plot connecting one. So when I receive your messages you can’t even begin to know how lovely it feels. So again, Thank you ladies… Truly, Thanks. 🙂

Now, how do you get the newest version because you all should have it…

For Amazon Kindle Readers:

1. Go to “Manage My Kindle”

2. Go to “Ignite” in you Kindle Library

3. Amazon has provided a link near the title for you to click on and have the most up to date version of the book sent to your device.

And that’s all!

Peace and love, love, love!


Oh Yes, and I forgot to add the new version is available on B&N also. Please contact customer support and ask that the newest version be sent to your device. And it may take a while to get to Itunes. I would give it at least three weeks to be delivered from Smashwords to Itunes.

B&N Customer Support: