Question EVERYTHING When You’re Writing A Story…

So yeah, it’s 1:50AM right  now as I write this post.

I’m still up.

Today, I woke up with Light Speed on my mind.

I think it was last week when I first hit the wall. The wall is the point of the story where you ask, “What in the heck am I doing!”

And a writer usually smacks right into it at about 30k words into the story.

And I think it has a lot to do with writing and stopping, writing and stopping, day after day and then BAM, you’re 30k words in and the beginning was not only 30k words ago about probably a month ago too! In my case two months ago!


And so, I’ve been in and out of universes. I’ve had my feet off the planet Earth in this story for so long that I started to question whether it was grounded enough for readers to relate too. After all, it’s Paranormal Romance and not Fantasy, only. I mean, my characters are smack-dab in the thick of it. I’ve tried to come up with some beings you’ve never seen before. Like dude, they’re waaaaaay out there. I just hope not too far out there.

And the plot is moving forward. My characters have a goal. And once again, I’m starting to hate the limitations of the first person POV BUT not more than I love the intimacy of it.

Anyway… So, yeah… I stayed in all day. Basically contemplating into where I last left off in the document of Light Speed. I wrote a little bit, maybe a hundred words. But, literally, I wasn’t feeling the LOVE. I miss the building of romance between two of the characters. I’m too engulfed in this new universe that my characters just left and the one they’ve just entered–so instead of relationship building my MAIN focus has been on world building. The thing is, I normally build both simultaneously–and I think I had forgotten that. For some reason, I felt like I was losing the people connection that readers need when it comes to reading novels. The part where the reader is not the voyeur but the participant.

At least, that’s what I thought until I returned to page one about two hours ago.

So, this is what the beginning taught me….

We get our first look at Ce’lah’ime in this book. Do you remember who she is? She’s the sisters’ mother. She’s full Enuian with skin that glows pure gold like the puek leaf and ruby colored eyes. I mean, do you know ANY human being that looks like that?


And yet, as I read, I could relate to her angst and eventual loss. I could feel the love she has for her daughter and the past they shared together. Not only that but although their customs are different, I could relate to the story of how she and Felix came to be, which I tell in chapter one. And what I really love is that all this time, she’s kept tabs on her daughters. She knows ALL about them.

Basically, my worrying is and was for nothing!

I’ve captured the love very early on and I’m not done yet.

The good thing is I’m right on schedule to question EVERYTHING. 30k words. And so far, so good. I mean… really good. It’s all good.

Bed time.

Now it’s 2:15AM… It’s sooooo… Bed time.