I’m Ba-ack! Word Count Increase!

It’s now 2:29AM on a Saturday morning and I’m shutting down the writing from yesterday. That’s how a Single Writer, who’s now in Beaumont, CA before she heads out to San Diego next week spends her Friday nights!

Because now that I’ve moved out of Seattle, I’m cranking at 2k+ words on this day, 3k+ words on that day, and yeah, this last writing session was 3k+ words again!!!!!

Listen, I just HAD to blog about this because… yes, I thought I lost it… But I have FOUND it again. My writing mojo. My super-writerism… I mean, I thought I suffered some internal brain injury or something because ever since January I’ve been forcing myself to write at least up to a thousand words a day!

But now???

I go to the coffee shops; I have SPACE. I write from home,;I have comfort. And do you know what both places have in common?



Just… Seattle was all out of whack for ME.

But that was that… moving on.

And let me tell you, I love this story too much. That’s why I can’t go to sleep. That’s why I can’t stop writing it!!! I think readers will be able to tell. I love the relationships between the sisters, Adore and Navi. Readers are going to see Adore in a whole new light but it happens gradually, over the course of the novel and it’s her sister Na’ta or Navi, who brings it out of her. And yes, I had to be true to the characters in this book. And other than Adore, there are no “polished” characters. Yes, they curse because lifebloods and vampires like them would drop the f’bomb or s-word, the a-word, et. al here or there or everywhere. Especially, Navi–she does have redeeming qualities, and readers are going to hate that they like her. She’s bad. Adore is good/but she can be bad. And that’s all I’m saying!!!!

Oh, yeah, and I’m almost done!

Good night!