Misty Black Updates Here!

Since I started an update post regarding Parched, book 6, I thought Misty Black deserved the same attention. It has been over a year since I finished the first book, almost 2 years. So, yes, I am ITCHING to bang out the first draft in the upcoming Trilogy. 

So… without further delay, because I have to get back to work on Light Speed–it goes to the editor today and I haven’t completed my text to speech read, here’s the first update:

As of 10/12/2012:

I’m finishing up Light Speed, Parched book 6 and going right into Parched book 7 without taking a break. I’m hoping to have that initial series wrapped up by the end of December, beginning of January. I’ll take about a week off to vacation by outlining and envisioning the world of Misty Black, getting myself back into that mindset. Once, that week is over, I’ll start the first book of the trilogy. 

So for sure, writing will begin on Misty Black book 1, working title Rogue Kill in January 2013. I do have a description but I’m going to wait until I solidify the outline and bang out the first draft to release it. 

Stay tuned!

Peace and Love



  • Victoria W.

    I am seriously gonna try your recipe. I’ll let you know if I agree. 🙂 And you know, I don’t cook with much salt at all. My husband in one of those “salt snobs”, my daughter too. Thats why I do it. He brines his food before he eats it. I don’t know if thats his way of making sure nobody steals his food or what. I really don’t think he has food insecurity. Lol
    About “Conflicted”, thanks. I am the first to admit I know very little about whatever. I try to just go with the flow, as life has thrown me at least my share of curve balls. So the fact that I am so confusticated is kinda unnerving. And I am so not type A that being worked up about stuff mostly seems like a waste of time. So anyway…
    Til next time, Vic

    • victoriawarren

      Tis the season for the creeping crud!! Rest and fluids!! Rest and fluids!! And plenty of vitamin C, zinc and echinacea. 🙂
      I would say take notes and the writing will save. But if you are anything like me, all that doesn’t matter, you’ll keep going because…thats what you do. You probably went to class too. Does the stuffy nose help with the Italian inflection? LOL 😉 Just asking.
      Hope your feeling better soon. Being sick SUCKS!!HATE the sinus headache!!
      Get Well, Vic

    • Z.L Arkadie

      LOL!!! OMG… Yes, I went to the lesson and OH.MY.GOSH… I was trying to keep it in about 5 minutes before the lesson ended I asked to go to the restroom. And thus proceeded to blow it ALL out. Gross. Thanks for the tips. You’ve just confirmed that I have to start guzzling the water to loosen it up. Vitamin C, Zind and echinacea-CHECK! Oh, and no, it did not help with the inflection… LOL! And you’re right… I’m still working! I’m just outlining again by putting the pen to paper. And geesh, I hate that it gets worse at night… It’s such proof that we’re merely made from the earth and the elements affect us physically and even emotionally. Thanks for the Get Well, Vic!

  • victoriawarren

    Ok, I am leaving this under the Misty post, but I really want to talk about Light Speed and stir fry. lol
    Light Speed ROCKS!! I love Adore’s pov. It is so different and I love that she is so naive and bad ass at the same time. Its like she doesn’t know that she is supposed to be scared out of her mind. But it doesn’t matter because she is so bad ass. Love Chex, he is the perfect compliment to Adore. He is the hottest Sellel so far for me. 😉 I love that they are VERY VERY hot together too. I cant wait to learn more about Navi and Telman. :)So excited. Write on my blogger friend!!!

    Um…by the way, your stir fry sounds amazing, but mine is pretty good too. Haha. Too bad we can’t have our own stir-fry off. I do like white meat better but any chicken will do. I use pork or beef if I’m hungry for it. Lots of lots of fresh veggies and mushrooms with garlic, ginger, soy and love. Served over a bed of brown rice. My mom taught me this recipe, I always think of her when I cook it. Mmmm good!!! I am getting hungry just talking about it. I guess I know whats for dinner.

    Anyway, have a good Thanksgiving. 🙂

    • Z.L Arkadie

      That’s right, Ginger! I must add that to my next batch of stir fry! And garlic–which the body really loves. And brown rice… Yep, you SO won the battle of the stir fry! LOL! My taste buds just loves how that 5 spice cooks up. So divine. My sisters would probably take one bite of my stir-fry and spit it out. Not enough salt. Don’t you just love those salt snobs??? LOL!!! There’s a very interesting train of thought there. It’s as if rejecting salt before you HAVE TO (you know–years before the high blood pressure kicks in) is like rejecting “Hippydom.”

      Yes… It was difficult to turn Light Speed off and turn book 7 on. I have a working title for it but I don’t really care for it much. Yeah, i had to indulge myself in Chex. A man who can take care of business in the world and in the bed and do it with a sort of edge. I wanted to take him to the line but never let him cross it. So I had to be aware of his “compasses.” You know moral, sexual… etc. But now Baron is starting to appeal to me again and even there will be slight changes in Vayle book 7 too. He has to grow up… And Zill too. And yeah, I actually like Navi. Navi is like all the female friends I met in life who are like her. And they’re always with some guy like Telman, who’s so loving her from the inside out! Because they love that bold, brash, I don’t give a damn, until I give a damn behavior! LOL!

      Anyway… Thanks for the thumbs up on Light Speed! I love counting the thumbs up on this book. It’s like that ONE book where everything came together for me in a way I would never want to change.
      Oh, and I love your last blog! “Conflicted.” It’s very honest and doesn’t presume to know the answers to such valid questions but it sounds like you’re not going to ignore them.

      Later, Vic and have a Fantabulous Thanksgiving as well!!!