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Misty Black Updates Here!

Since I started an update post regarding Parched, book 6, I thought Misty Black deserved the same attention. It has been over a year since I finished the first book, almost 2 years. So, yes, I am ITCHING to bang out the first draft in the upcoming Trilogy. 

So… without further delay, because I have to get back to work on Light Speed–it goes to the editor today and I haven’t completed my text to speech read, here’s the first update:

As of 10/12/2012:

I’m finishing up Light Speed, Parched book 6 and going right into Parched book 7 without taking a break. I’m hoping to have that initial series wrapped up by the end of December, beginning of January. I’ll take about a week off to vacation by outlining and envisioning the world of Misty Black, getting myself back into that mindset. Once, that week is over, I’ll start the first book of the trilogy. 

So for sure, writing will begin on Misty Black book 1, working title Rogue Kill in January 2013. I do have a description but I’m going to wait until I solidify the outline and bang out the first draft to release it. 

Stay tuned!

Peace and Love


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