The Dog Days of Page One…

Back at page one of the new book after ending the last book only days ago.

This is what I think is going on in my head.

My brain has been bruised.

But now it’s scarring.

Pretty soon it will be healed.

But ain’t so now!

I’m pushing it too hard and I need to stop. Close my eyes. Let the story, the beginning, their start, page one…come to me.

And so that is what I’m going to do.

Right now.


UPDATE at 9:55PM (because of course I couldn’t relax without knowing where this story wants to go):

Life gets so much better once you write/outline past that point of DUH…

Sighhhh… (with the relief)

I feel so much better… My outline is becoming interesting. This is going to be a BIG book.

No Holds Barred.

I think I’m high off of Creating!!!!

Shall continue outlining until I crash…

Please don’t crash, Z…. Stay high!!

Update as of 10/26/2012

So,  I sooooo crashed but as of 2:19AM I’m ending the 10/25/2012  (on the  26th mind you) work day finding my writing mojo!!!!

it happened late tonight/early this morning about two hours ago. The secret is to start where there is movement.

Okay… going to bed now.

Have to stop these LATE nights. They’re just so quiet. It’s as if I’m alone in the world… Just me, my laptop and God. 🙂