A Read between Books… Franny and Zoey

So… I have to read something while outlining book 7 of Parched.

It’s my way of marking an end to one project and the beginning of another.

I ran a finger across my bookshelf and first slid “Dear John” off of it and tried to get through it for the umpteenth time but it’s just not my cup of tea and then I slid my second J.D Salinger off the shelf–Franny and Zoey.

And I must say…

It is official… I am a J.D Salinger fan!

Let me tell you why he’s able to keep me hanging on the way he does.

Because out of all the writers I’ve ever read, he has the ability to bring readers right into the character’s present–increment by increment–get it? Lane waits for Franny to arrive. We’re right there with him, waiting. Franny arrives, we feel his anticipation and hope and dread, from his toes to the very top of his head. And then the more we read the more we get it because we’re experiencing it! We git it! She’s the right kind of girl but the wrong kind of girl for him. And he’s the WRONG kind of guy for her, but the right kind of guy. All the right is on paper. All the wrong is in real life. And you know what–I got this while he kept us in the moment. This is why I HATE exposition and backstory. That is why readers hardly ever get it from me. Because it’s all about staying in the moment.

And so now, I’m hooked on Franny and Zoey. So far I’m invested in Lane and Zoey. I want this charade to end! But I want to read the spectacle that they are at the same time. It’s like reality TV in a book.

J.D Salinger so ROCKS…



Reading more before I hit the sheets.

You know, I’ve been working in my apartment since I’ve moved to San Diego. Really, I have no need to leave. I have a HOT view. It’s quiet in here. I can concentrate. I have my bathroom. My coffee. But, I know I need to get out. So, tomorrow, I will try to write in a coffee shop. Sigh…..

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Today 10/19/2012…

The coffee shop writing went GREAT! It felt good to get out and work and I could really concentrate. I went to a Starbuck’s and it was fine. I can drink their coffee as long as they sale Pumpkin Spice Latte’s. When the season ends, then I’m back to Coffee Bean for the white chocolate latte’s.  I might go out and write from now on as I got a lot of work done. There was no internet or TV in the coffee shop, so…. The two BIGGEST distractions. I was able to concentrate and tighten up the plot points for book 7. I threw out what didn’t work and enhanced what did work!

I’m excited about this book. I think after I finished book six, my creating of the world of Parched just went up a few notches. Or, it could be that I’m back home in California… I don’t know what it is, but it’s something because my mind has opened up, it’s clear, uncluttered… I’m digging it 🙂

As of 10/20/2012 – Update on Franny and Zoey

I take it back. 1/3 of what I said up top. I’m still reading Franny and Zoey and what was going on between Franny and Lane just stopped. Now we’ve got some BLOATED prose by Zoey Glass, which begins with this strange soliloquy by the narrator who is Zoey but is pretending not to be Zoey. And it’s slow and stupid–and what I hate MOST from a writer–self indulgent.

But, I’m going to finish this book–even if I have to continue running through it quickly, which is my way of self-editing. Taking out the OVER bloated prose (because prose can be over bloated) and piecing the story together how it should be. Using this one skill I acquired from reading HUNDREDS of bad, overwritten scripts in my lifetime. Except this has turned into a decent overwritten novel.

I mean… I’m reading between novels!!! Why has this now turned into a stressed out read???? I swear, it’s my fault for reading a man’s work. They are more likely to succumb  to the ego. Geesh…

OMG… Another and final update at 1:10AM

Skipped right to the end because I couldn’t take it anymore.

Franny is Zoey’s sister. They’re supposed to be part of this weird family… and the mother is, um… gosh can’t think of the word but I’ll say immature for the lack of a better one. And Zoey is disrespectful and calls her Bessie. She wouldn’t leave the bathroom–and that was irritating me. And Franny’s all mixed up religiously and so is Zoey because she went into Buddy’s room, another brother, and started reading his book.


I don’t get it. What? Was Salinger a Buddhist or something? I think he was and there’s some sort of obscure, mixed up religious message that only he knows in this story. It’s like the web a person weaves while being high. Ever heard someone who’s high try to “philosophize????” Salinger must’ve been high. LOL!


You live and learn… In this case, read and learn… Especially if you speak to soon…

Putting this post to rest. I would’ve deleted the whole thing but hey, I’m not ashamed to admit when I get it wrong. My keeping this post is that such admission.

As of 10/24/2012

Wait! Reading something else on my downtime. I’m reading “What Remains” by Carole Radziwill…

Yep, well of course I watch The Real Housewives of New York… And guess, what, I love her writing too! I love how she’s telling this story by connecting each tale to a common theme–that of death. So far, what I get is that she’s saying that death and tragedy has followed her entire life. I especially love how she writes about her own wedding. Who was there, what happened to them all after that happy day…. I’m not a memoir reader because personally, I don’t need to know that much about one human being unless I have to. However, I like her story. And I love how she’s painting her humble, middle class beginnings. Basically, saying, look, no silver spoon in my mouth. I’m just a professional girl, who married a prince… She’s certainly likable in the book just as she is on the show.

I’ll read some more later on tonight!