Reading Your Own Novel…

Is so very difficult.

Bear with me for a a few days please as I try to battle the difficulties of starting the final book in the Parched series.

I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself with this one and I can’t help myself. The pressure is going to remain–I’m just going to have to rise to the occasion. The thing is, I want to give myself permission to indulge in the romance and not get caught up in the action.

I’ll digress for a paragraph…

See what’s different about this book is that when it’s over, they’ll have to return to their lives. For Clarity it’s business but remember that conversation she had with Baron in Quenched? I really do think that’s a fantasy of hers–the reality is, she loves the game. You know the projects and ideas and the follow through. We’ll see by the end of the book. However, I do feel if I take her anywhere else but back to Manhattan and the old firm or somewhere like it, then I will be forcing her into something unnatural for her–and even Baron. Heck, that’s why vacations were invented. And Zill… Well, remember that little squabble she had with Vayle in the land of Nowhere, regarding her plans for the future. Well, he did get to her. So, she’s not going to just go all hippy-free with Fawn. And Fawn well–this book is going to lead her into a direction of her own. Anyway–what I’m trying to convey is whatever happens in this book has to set the foundation for their future and what it means to be THEM on Earth and elsewhere… Because after reading book six, you’ll know where Adore will spend her life.

Digression over.

But here’s the difficult part for now–I need to re-read Ignite, which is VERY difficult to do.

Why, you might ask?

Well, because it’s very hard to read your own work without using a critical eye. I’ll want to change this or that. And it won’t be the big things, it’ll be the little things. Like the wording of sentences and such. It’ll drive me CRAZY.

Then, by the time I’m finished, I will be EXTRA stressed.

But regardless, I have to do it.

I think I’ll read it on my iPhone… hmmm…


(You know why I say Peace at the end of my posts? I have a friend who always ends our conversations with Peace. And he really means it when he says it. Like peace in your life. Peace in this world. Respect your follow man as I respect you, kind of peace. That’s why I say it–and that’s what I mean when I write it.)