The Seventh Sister… adding an Excerpt…

Okay… So I think I have to add an excerpt at the end of the The Seventh Sister (Parched, book 2).

Well… no thinking too it… I added it.

First I thought, then I added it! 🙂

I probably should’ve added the excerpt a long time ago but I’m starting to realize that I am merely human! LOL!

You know when you’re working in an office, with a team, you tend to forget that you’re not doing it alone. I am now humbled by actually having to do it–alone.

Anyway, the excerpt starts where Vayle, Zillael and Derek enter the scene in Quenched, Parched book 3 and Clarity is the narrator. It’ll give the readers an idea of the world the three characters are walking into.

Also, The Seventh Sister will soon be available in print. Yay! I’ll say in the next couple of weeks.


I just wanted to say that.

And please…

East Coasters stay safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you. This is horrible what’s happening. I remember when storm systems like Sandy used to fade before hitting the mainland because the ocean used to be cooler. It’s time to find solutions.