How Much of Me to Give… Uncovering the Author


So, I know I have MANY frustrated readers out there who want to put a face to the books that I write.

Like a smiling, or provocative, or pompous–here I am, I’m the author photo of me at least somewhere! On this blog or anywhere there is info about me as the author.

Now, I realize that I will garner more sales with this thing called a photo BUT…


See, writers like me would rather write for the world but live under a rock. And I know it’s frustrating! Because you should have seen me frantically searching the internet for an image of J.D Salinger after I read The Catcher in the Rye. Heck, anytime I read and enjoy a book, I go searching for a photo of the author. Although I didn’t do it after reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. (I think it was the Daniel Craig connection).  Anyway… I know that didn’t make sense to you. But gosh, he’s so sexy. Seeing him in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was sufficient. I mean, don’t you just like men with manly lines and curves to their faces???…

I digress.

However, I will say that next year, I’ll work on it.

I think… I’m afraid. No, I know that I am. And I think most writers have the same fear. It’s like, we want the book, the story to be the thing. The focal point. We want you to separate ourselves from it.

You know normally when people I encounter ask, what I do, I usually tell them the truth.

I’m an author.

Oh yeah… what do you write?

I write fiction. (pause) Paranormal romance at the moment.

Then, there’s this general shocked hesitation. All the time. That shocked hesitation.


Next year. I’ll tackle the whole putting myself out there then…

But who shall I be in the photos? Pompous? Provocative? All happy, happy cheery, cheery?

Don’t author photos generally make you want to gag? They make me want to gag.

I never wanted to be that face, all corny and looking desperate for something…

I think I’ll probably just stick to appearances. Hmmm… I don’t know. I have blog tours do next year so for sure I’ll need a photo.

Anyway… I’ll cross that road when I get to it.