Added an Excerpt to Parched Too…

I don’t want to give elements of the story away by writing this post in detail but I will say that it needed to be added.

So now both The Seventh Sister and Parched have the excerpts included. And both are from Quenched, Parched book 3.

When I wrote these books, I chose to write them in an unorthodox format. If you remember a blog post of mine from almost a year and a half ago, you’ll understand why. I felt like I was rediscovering the artist! That’s the name of the post–Rediscovering the Artist.

I had been working with people who live and die off formulas that have been proven to work–and I felt that I needed to break away from all of that cliche’d junk. I mean, you know what I’m talking about. Take all the new shows that premiere in a new season that’s patterned after one that somehow became a hit show. Well, the non-artists takes the same elements and adds all these different marketing elements to it and tries to reproduce the same result. However, they fail dramatically MOST of the time.

An artist knows it goes deeper than that. It’s the chemistry between actors. It’s viewers “buying it” per se. Like, okay, who wakes up with a face full of makeup like that? Show me that guy on the streets that I walk everyday… Who talks like that? I mean that sort of buy it. And really–people actually do like ADULTS with their fiction.

So I broke a MAJOR rule of romance in Parched book 1–on the surface that is. But deep and at the core of what Baron and Clarity truly mean to each other, I’ve taken care to create a bond between them that reasonably can never be broken. But as long as they have minds and hearts that comes with emotions and thoughts… Circumstances sometimes presents obstacles.

And that’s why it was detrimental for me to add the excerpt that I added to Parched, book 1.

I’ll add the excerpt to the other books as well. Especially Quenched. You know what’s so funny. I think Glo also doesn’t fit into the “Romance” character mold. She’s too single girl and I’m enjoying it. But I like Glo. There are lessons she has to learn and she’s only beginning to learn them. I mean, every single girl who “loves it” grows up and realizes that what she wants is a partner in life because it’s how we’re built. And all that other stuff that society makes us think that we have to have or be because we’re partners, the stuff these women run away from… well that’s all values and beliefs and mores. People generated stuff. Love is God generated.

Anyway… I digress. I’m just saying that in the future, you’ll be seeing more from Glo and Finn. I like this couple, a lot. He’s just the kind of vampire slash guy for a lifeblood slash girl like her.

I don’t know… now that the artist in my is thinking, I don’t think I want to excerpt the other books too early. I would like to excerpt The Fifth Sister when I finally write a short two book series featuring Finn and Glo probably sometime next year. Hmmmm…

Nah… wouldn’t work. Because all that they endure in book 4 is linked into the main plot.

Anyway… Can you believe I woke up at 1:00PM???? This is crazy. I went to sleep at around 3:00AM though but still… I think it’s my sinuses. Or, it’s my brain recovering from looking at a computer screen all day, struggling to write the first pages of my new book. Really, people, O.M.G!!! the first chapter is the most DIFFICULT to write. Especially in the POV/tense I chose to write the series in. I have to keep it pushing forward. The key is latch on to the reader, put their feet in the pages and keep them moving until THE END. That’s why the endings are so impacting and I get the “cliff hanger” complaint. You were in the story and now you’re out. Yes–first person-present tense is a powerful tool. If you’re going to read it, make sure you can handle it! 🙂

So… I think I’ll eat, get dressed, walk down to Starbucks, or Coffee Bean… during the week my coffee of choice is Peet’s… but on the weekends one of the other two since Peet’s is closed on the weekends…I’ll grab a gingerbread latte with soy and then write inside today. Let me tell you this people… There are ZERO, ZILCH, NO, coffee shop conundrums in San Diego. Most of the week at the place that I normally go, which is filled with tables and plugin outlets, I’m the only one there! Well, at least it feels like that. And the coffee is just right! The best coffee I’ve had in the city thus far. AND–and it’s in a place where there’ s plenty of eye candy. I mean, sometimes I look up and there are these power guys in suits and a purpose… Oh gosh… so sexy. I’ve officially grown up. My tastes have changed. I like a powerful man who’s got deals to make and places to be and a world to change. That’s such a turn on.  Anyway… They’re all over the place there. LOL!!! But alas, not on the weekends…

Have a nice weekend wherever you are…

Peace and Love.