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Seriously Too Sick…

to write… STILL.

I mean, I think I was breathing last night while sleeping. I’m still alive so I must’ve.

When the sinuses get infected it’s like an instant torture chamber for the head. And that stuff that’s in there….

Dude… It’s just NASTY.

So, I’ve sat in front of my computer and tried to write book seven ever since this happened to me. Between the blowing and hacking, I only got about this much done [ ]. But I’m not pushing it because my brain is still creating. Like it gave me something this morning that I’m mulling over. It’s a good idea, so far I think I can make it work. I guess, the cold slash sinus infection because of this rank Southern Californian air can be a blessing in disguise. In addition to slowing down and constructing this very complex story in which I have to pull all the dangling plot points together and remember the romantic elements, I’ve been studying my Italian. Now I understand why they form their American English words the way they do. Like I’ve been working to just say “r” in desidera and not “rz”.  But you know how native Italian speakers pronounce  eh and ah and long e for i’s… makes sense now. Sometimes I think not being so deep about studying language will help me learn it faster. I need to take it for what it is, not try to look up what I’m saying exactly and why is this different and can I say it this way instead and if I say it that way instead will it make sense… I mean… thinking like that can make a sinus infection worse! I have a lesson tonight… I probably should cancel it but I love learning language. Hopefully, I won’t be a big lump of germs the instructor has to look at this afternoon…

Had to stop to blow my nose and now my left ear feels plugged…



Until this ends.


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