Increase Production…

So, I’ve read where many independent authors like me generally write up to three books at once. Three different stories that they put schedule writing time for in one days sitting.

I’ve done this before, you know…

You know what?

True deal.

I’ve gotten to the point where I prefer to read work from independent authors.


Sighhh… I mean, the last book I read was so FRESH, you know. So real.  It hadn’t been strained by EVERYONE’S opinions like traditionally published books are. Basically, the independents books are pure. They bare the author’s soul.

Anyway, so, as an independent writer, I should have 8 hours a day to write. Of course it’s difficult to write on one book for 8 hours straight but I do it. Okay–let me clarify… I sit in front of the computer, tuned into the story, trying to think where I should go, where I shouldn’t go, blah, blah, blah, for more than 8 hours straight.

Because NO ONE can concentrate on one story for that long!!!!

I think I’m doing this all wrong.

Here’s MY inner dilema… I have so many stories swimming inside of my head that I want to write. Look, I have all these romance novel synops that I wrote and keep in folder on my computer so that I don’t lose the idea. I mean, I have another to write today! These are singles and you know what? I want to write this stuff too! Like right NOW. Not later. And, I want to write Misty Black too! Right now! Not later!



I think today is the day I write out my new writing schedule. This is the first change though…


I shall repeat that.


I need to eat breakfast by 10:30AM.

I need to be dressed by 11:00AM and writing by 11:30AM.

So, I’m thinking…

Parched, book 7 – 11:30AM – 1:30PM

New Romance Novel – 1:3 PM – 3:30PM

Break 30 minutes.

Misty Black – 4:00PM  – 5:30PM

Pick A Story – 5:30PM – 6:30PM

So, yeah… Do something like that. Even if I have to start writing earlier.

I think this will increase production.

Look. This is my full-time job! I need to get back to writing like it because production is down. My goal was to publish at LEAST 3 books a year and this year, I’m one book short. I should be releasing book 7 in December and book 6 should’ve been released in August or September like last year!  Last year I released 4 books! This year 2. Not good.


I’m going to call this year a bust and make next year a blast (or the opposite of a bust…0

Time to go work for the day!