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Making Headway… about time!!!!!…

So I’m finishing up my day of writing and it’s 9:55PM!

This is good.

I’m finally writing stuff that I know I’m not going to delete.  I promise you, I’ve already deleted over 10,000 words from book 7. I’ve been struggling to WRITE this story but not THINK this story. It’s been working it’s way out in my brain the whole time.

Because it’s ALL HAPPENING in this book. The 7 sisters have graced the Earth. The tree in the Garden of Naught has grown (a spoiler from book 7) and we’ll know what their purpose and why they’ll need the Scepter of Gant. AND, so I had to/have to put all the components together. I had to get characters off the ground and running. You know what I mean????

Some people are back in this book. Well… not actual people. But Deanna and Freda and Aries to name three.

I needed to plant the sisters in the Earth and I think you’ll see why it’s important that you know all the sisters’ personalities to appreciate how difficult Clarity’s task is and will be. You’ll learn more about who Felix is and what his limitations are. All the sisters will be able to meet their mother on Earth… There’s a way this can happen and it’s in the Preface of this book, book 7.

I’m taking my time. Everyday building this story. I don’t want to overwrite it like MANY final books in a series are. But I can’t underwrite it.

Can I just say this….

I mean, I write a solid beginning, middle and ending of a story in each book. The characters start off with a want and in the end they get it. And then, in the denouement, I lead them to the next book–people are calling it a Cliffhanger though. BUT the main plot of that story has been resolved. In book 1, Parched, they recovered the scroll.  Book 2 is the exception, which is one reason why it’s free. It’s a way to get into the main story by familiarizing yourself with the world of Parched and for free! Zill learns who and what she is. She faces a danger. Meets her bond. And then off into the main story she goes! It’s a good deal I think. In Quenched, they make the journey and plant the leaf in Jari. In book four, The Fifth Sister, Glo and Finn save the town. In book 5, Ignite the learn they have to stop the Day of Creation and then stop it. In book 6, they find and recover the Scepter of Gant. So it’s not a STORY cliffhanger, it’s a DENOUEMENT cliffhanger. BIG difference. Because the STORY has a beginning, middle and ending.

But there’ll be no denouement cliffhanger in this book. Although, I do need to set their world. There will be the standard HEA (happily ever after) in their lives but you’ll feel the threat of the world they live in. It has something to do with that earthquake in book 6, which if you remember, occurred  before the sun went away. BUT, they have the Scepter of Gant, which will help them keep the peace.

And that’s all I’m saying!

So you see… It takes time to MAKE HEADWAY in a story. Especially if you want to write your best story–and that’s what I want to write. My best story.


Time to study Itliano…

Today I started listening to Italian music. About a week ago I downloaded a part one and two of a song titled “Pazzo di lei” by Biagio Antonacci from Itunes. I didn’t know until today how beautiful his voice is and how passionate and sensual the song is. So, I downloaded six more songs by him. And I’m like, starting to understand some of the words. Man, learning a new language is very interesting. I mean, I’ve turned a corner, you know??? I mean, I can LEARN THIS LANGUAGE!!! I have a choice to make. Learn it. Be familiar with what I wasn’t familiar with or stick with what I know.  You know???

I don’t know…

It’s weird. If you’re not a reformed commitment phob, then you wouldn’t be able to empathize with what I’m saying… I have DEDICATED myself to learn this language. To not only learn it but speak it fluently. This means, I’m going to put the work in. Listen to the music. Watch the TV programs… I mean, I’ve already watch a number of Italian movies (film student here…). Oh, I can’t wait to watch Il Postino again! Maybe it’ll make more sense to me now! LOL!!!! Oh, Malena… That was tragic. Oh, the Italians.. LOL!


Nightie Night…



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