New Year’s Decisions 2013

So tomorrow will be January 1st of 2013!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (saying it early)

Can’t believe 2012 is less than 24 hours away from being over. And what am I going to do to bring in the New Year????

Let’s see, last year I was moving out of my apartment in Claremont, CA to my mom’s house, a pit stop I made before moving to Seattle. But that was not my excuse for doing nothing last year. Well, this year I have the same excuse. I’m a full grown adult now. The times of just going out for the sake of “doing something” seems a bit nonsensical to me. Nope. I’m at the age of do it BIG or stay HOME. And so all of my DOING IT BIG funds are going towards a retirement party I’m paying for next year, January 26th! My mom is retiring from her job after 40 years!!! It’s going to be a memorable night! And we’re going to PARTY HEARTY!


If it weren’t for that… Who knows where I’d be right now. Knowing me, it’ll be somewhere meaningful. Everything I do has to be deep with me. I have to have an emotional response that will last me a lifetime. So…

Anyway… This post is not about that.

New Year’s decisions writing-wise???

Well, I start with finishing book 7 of Parched. I do have a title and so far it’s the best one I can come up with. I won’t reveal it until I’m more than halfway through the book. And I would be halfway through the book if this book weren’t so HUGE. Yes, I’m at 28K words and am only at the start of chapter 3. But since I’ve taken on a story that has 7 sisters and 7 vampire bonds, and now they’re all in this ONE book, well, my word/page count will increase tremendously. All I can say is I’m going to give my readers my BEST. I really am. it may look easy but it’s NOT easy. Connecting plot points, involving all characters, keeping their personalities and behaviors inline…. Not easy. But I’m hoping to get it published by the end of February 2013. I’ll be done by then BUT, it’ll go to two different editors, then a beta reader and then I’ll review it again to make sure it’s ready. And I maybe pushing at least 100k words. WHICH is not my style. But, the book won’t be that large because I as the writer the story gets away from me. It’ll big because I have 14 larger than life personalties in one novel. No regrets.

And then…

I’ll go right into Misty Black book 1 of the trilogy. I have the title but I won’t release it until later. I’m hoping to have the first draft done by May 2013. I do have some short trips planned early next year. One in Mid March and one at the end of April. The one in March is only 3 days. The one in April is 7 and on a foggy island that I have long wanted to visit. Hopefully neither trip will impede progress. Because it’s going to take about two weeks to really get rolling on Misty Black after I finish book 7. It’s difficult to get deep into the next story after just finishing a previous one. So…. I’ll see.

But here’s another decision I’m making for next year… As soon as I finish book 1 of the Misty Black trilogy, I’m going t0 write another Parched novel. It’ll be about one of the sisters and her vampire bond. At the end of book 7, you’ll see where life finally takes each of them, and why they’re needed on the Earth. I’m thinking that first book will feature Baron and Clarity  with strong appearances by Finn and Chex since those three vampires are pretty much linked in a weird kind of way. Finn wrinkles his nose at Baron, who smugly dismisses him but they both feel strongly about Chex. And you’re going learn something else they both did with Chex in this book! I can say that it won’t just come out of the blue. it’s been done before in book 1. And then I think Baron and Clarity mentions it again in book 3. But that’s all I’m saying :-).

So that will be 3 books, publication DEFINITE.

I’m planning a 4th book as well. it will either be Zill and Vayle in the Parched series (all sisters maintain contact with Clarity).  OR maybe Finn and Glo. Admittedly, some sisters are more interesting than others… But, really, isn’t that always the case, even in real life???? 😉

Or, I might just tackle single novel, no series. I have a folder with all these synopses of stories that I want to write in it. They’re mostly romance/love stories. I might write one. But I have to FEEL it in order to write it.

Or. I might go right into Misty Black book 2. Which may prove to be difficult because Misty Black takes a lot out of me. But so does Parched, so….

I’ll also do a lot of in-state traveling early next year because biggest decision is going to be what to do when my lease is up. Do I stay in San Diego or do I try something else. Because here’s the thing… There’s something lacking here for me. And I’m pretty much sure it’s tied to this BUILDING I’m living in. The leasing office really needs to decide if they’re going to be a frat house or a building that caters to professionals. Because we’re outnumbered by drunk, classless frat boys and girls. I won’t make this a cathartic moment. So that’s all I’m going to say about this place. I don’t know. I think San Diego just maybe too young for me. I like the real thing. A cultured city steeped in history. I love diversity, incrementalized diversity. New York, NY would be ideal but I can’t live amongst rats and roaches. (shakes head) just can’t. I hate the cold, which keeps me out of Chicago, DC and Boston. No south at all. Sorry, been there done that… sooooo not me. But something’s got to give, right??? I mean, I can do them all in blocks. 4 months here, 4 there, 4 there… At least for 2013-2014. I’ll see…

I mean have you ever just wanted to live everywhere? Be everywhere? And not be judged for it? As if you’re some unstable, rule breaker.

I do.

Alright. Going to bed.

Oh yeah… Still a night owl in 2013, and I am embracing that. Giving up the “handcrafted latte’s” in 2013. Dramatically lowering my intake of sugar for 2013. I’ve been working out 6 days a week and will continue that in 2013. Saving money in 2013.

So. Now i’m going to bed.

Good night. And once more for the road… HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year be a blessing to you.



(excuse the number of typos. I’ll re-read soon and clean them up. it’s 2:32AM.)