Hearing Voices…

I’m going to capture this thought and then go to bed–early tonight. I drove all the way to LA today and then back. I did it quick because I was in a race against traffic. I won!

Anyway. I’m watching something on TV…. Okay, I’ll give. I’m watching Watch What Happens Live and the girl from Freaks and Geeks was on the show tonight and they played a flashback clip.

Well… It got me thinking of characterization and hearing and seeing your characters speak.

So, I think the character’s name was Kim. I mean, anytime the show’s on in syndication, I watch it. I loved that show and hated that it went off the air. Anyway, I was watching this character and thinking, could I ever do that? Write a character like that.

Could I ever visualize that character, Kim, speaking in my head? Conjure her up? At one point do characters stop being a part of us as the creator of them and just be a wholly what we know? You know who’ve we experienced in life. Like Lario Exgesis is every guy I ever met that was like him. (rolls eyes just remembering them). I’ve never been romantically involved with those kinds of guys, just irritated by them… They were mainly co-workers.

Can’t go into too much detail. 6 hours of sleep last night and a glass of red wine tonight has wiped me out–and muddied my thoughts a little. No sleep + alcohol = Duh.

I’m thinking of this because, I think, I’m so challenged right  now with writing all of these voices. And I’m pushing my brain, man… It’s easy to become Zill and Glo and Clarity. It’s hard to become Fawn and Tapeetha. I think Fawn sounds a lot like Clarity but that’s on purpose but I do have to find those separating traits. Like, Fawn is more, what’s the word…consoling than Clarity and so what she says should reflect that. Then, it’s the small stuff. Like sentence construction in speech.


So, tomorrow, well today,  for about an hour, I’m going to close my eyes and flip through the index of characters in my head to figure out who I know and who I need to learn.

I think I’m also going to sit down and watch something on TV and write down the dialog as an exercise in language. But it has to be a reality show. I want to write it how people say it without reciting a complete script. Sure, they give them cues and talking points on reality shows but not real scripts.

So. I’ll see. I’ll probably write some of the lines here. Yep, this is some of the geeky stuff I do sometimes as a writer. And now you’re privy too it… maybe it’s the wine.

Going to bed because I’m a light weight. No. I’m a feather weight.





  • victoriawarren

    It sounds like you might have a multiple personality disorder. Lol Just kidding. 🙂 What would really suck was if they start arguing in your head. I know that I have enough trouble with one personality running my head. Especially after wine. :/

    Hope you for a good nights sleep last night.